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Dreamcatchers & Suncatchers

Apr 12, 2023

The legend of the spider woman

There are several legends from different tribes describing the beginnings of the tradition of the dreamcatcher. Some are polar opposites on the workings of the dreamcatcher, but all agree that it was a gift from the great spirits, in the form of a spider, to protect the people from bad dreams and help them retain the good ones and ideas derived from them.

The most prolific legend appears to be that of the old Ojibwe storytellers about Asibikaashi the Spider Woman. It is said that she helped snare the sun in its path around the world. If you are awake at dawn you can look for her lodge and see the miracle of how she captured the sunrise as the light sparkles on the dew of her web. Asibikaashi took care of her children and still does to this day. To fulfil a prohpecy the Ojibwe people were spread to the four corners of the land and it became too difficult for Asibikaashi to visit all the cradleboards of the children, so the women of the tribe learned to weave the magical webs themselves from what they had at hand. Usually sinew and willow hoops. The reason dreamcatchers are generally circular is to honour the sun's path through the sky each day.

Dreamcatchers traditionally have a hole in the middle to allow the good dreams through, although one tribe believes the opposite that the good dreams stay in the web and the bad ones fall through. No matter which you think is best they both have the same result. The good thoughts and dreams will be retained while the bad ones will perish with the sun's rays in the morning.

Homage to the sun

The sun is the great giver of life and its path has been charted by our forefathers for millenia. There are burial chambers of some of our oldest ancestors dating back over 5,000 years that capture the sun's rays inside the tomb but once a year from a specific path of the sun at the height of it's glory. This is quite an incredible feat especially when it dates back so far into our past. Today the power of the sun on our psyche seems to have diminished form our every day lives, that is of course until we haven't seen it for a while behind all the rain clouds! The simple but effective suncatcher is an ode to the sun splitting it's pure light into the myriad of colours it contains and reflecting it in joy around the area it is hung.

Keeping bad dreams away

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Please note that our range of dreamcatchers is updated all the time. Some styles may not be available as fashion changes.

Adding a little sparkle to your room

Karma House has an amazing range of suncatchers. They come is all sorts of colours and designs. Most are made of Swarovski crystals and some have glass or gemstone beads  We have tree of life, chakra, birthstone, dragons, birds, angels, feathers, frogs and dragonflies just to name a few. There are simple single strand suncatchers and there are beautiful intricate designs also. Suncatchers can be hung just about anywhere, but for the most beneficial effect, hanging them where the sun catches the crystals will give your an amazing array of colourful dancing lights.

Please note that we have a vast range of suncatchers. Not all styles are re-ordered as new stock is constantly sourced.

Why you'll love shopping with us!

Not only do we offer the convenience and comfort of a fully air-conditioned shopping centre, our friendly staff are trained to help you make the best choices from our extensive range. We will assist you to find the perfect gift or item you are searching for no matter how difficult it may seem. Come in and try our Ionic Foot Detox and bring a friend for free. We offer such great quality and value for money you won't be able to find better anywhere in Cairns. Not only that, you will discover hidden delights in every nook and cranny of our popular Stockland store.

Our professional body piercing clinic

Karma House Cairns is a professional body piercing and training centre. We set the standard in hygiene and safety protocols and have a thorough after care service included with ALL our piercings. Our professional piercers have over 40 years of experience between them and have done every safe piercing imaginable. Just in case all this isn't enough, we have a loyalty/frequent piercing card which gives you every 5th piercing free! Come in and talk to us about your next piercing or call us on (07) 4033 0900.

Our incredible jewellery choices

Our jewellery range covers many styles, types and materials. Not only do we have a massive range of piercing jewellery to suit every type and size of piercing, but a huge collection of fashionable stainless steel jewellery for men and women. If you are looking for something a little more holistic, then we have all your favorite gemstones and crystals set in stunning sterling silver settings to suit any style.

Wonderful & stylish clothing selection

We have won the Stockland fashion retailer of the year award several times and offer a unique range of tropical, local and imported fashion for every member of your family from children's ware right up to men's and women's larger sizes. There is always something frilly, lacy or just plain sexy for you to try on. If this is not your cup of tea, then we have a full range of Reggae and Rasta style or high quality tie-dye casual clothing available.

Our unique alternative giftware range

Our Cairns store offers a huge range of giftware. We have something to suit even the most sophisticated of tastes. You will discover a large range on offer from affirmation banners, to mosaics, lamps, prints and much more... Perhaps you may even unearth that something special you have always been looking for, but could never find.

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