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Body Jewellery

Apr 12, 2023

Why buy your body jewellery from us?

Our massive range of body jewellery includes almost any style and type you can imagine. If for some reason we don't have what you are looking for then tell us and we will get it for you. Our prices are some of the lowest in the region, however we don't skimp on quality because we understand that your body jewellery has to stand up to the punishment you put it through and you need it to last and not cause any negative reactions with your skin. Customer focus is always foremost on our minds when choosing any range of body jewellery. Quality and style are balanced with cost to ensure you have the latest fashions that won't cause any health issues at a price that is easily affordable.

Come in & see our massive range for yourself!

Karma House has one of the biggest ranges of body jewellery in Queensland which we keep up to date with all the latest trends. We have over 10,000 pieces of body jewellery, so therefore we will most probably have what you are looking for. Our body jewellery is made of all the top grade materials, including 316L implant grade surgical stainless steel, titanium, black steel, Zircon Gold titanium, PTFE (polytetraflouroethyline) bioplast, gold and sterling silver.
Our nose studs come in 4 different styles, L-back, Pin, Pigtail and Rings. We have stretchers (tapers), plugs and tunnels in all sizes to suit your stretched piercing. If we don't have what you are looking for, we will endeavour to source that special piece of body jewellery you are looking for. So come on in, have a chat with our friendly and staff check it all out.

Non-pierced jewellery

Fake Body Jewellery which is also called illusion body jewellery, are fashion jewellery pieces which imitate a real piece of body jewellery and look completely real, but do not require an actual body piercing. There are fake body jewellery pieces for almost all parts of the body, however we only carry those that are safe. For example: nose studs, lips rings and ear cuffs and for those with pierced ears we also have fake plugs and stretchers. Fake body jewellery is great because there are no holes... therefore no pain. Fake plugs and stretchers go into existing lobe piercings and look exactly like the real thing without the pain of stretching. This means you can get the look of a real piercing without the pain and you get to scare the pants off your parents. All our fake body jewellery is still made of the highest quality materials.

Plugs & Tunnels

Our plugs and tunnels come in a vast range of styles and sizes to suit almost any taste. These are the real deal, so if you see something you just have to have, then you better start stretching! For more information about stretching please view our FAQ page.

Navel Rings

These are some of the most interesting pieces in the body jewellery range, plenty of flair and personal style.

Industrial bars, curved bars & barbells

The staples of body jewellery. These bars are for all occasions whether you need a longer one for your industrial piercing or something a lot shorter for your tongue, curved for your eyebrow or something in between. Come in and see our fantastic range for yourself.

Septum, nipples & rings

Karma House has the latest range of septum jewellery. The new and improved septum clickers come in a variety of designs, in both 14g and 16g. We also have the latest in nipple clickers, also in a great range of styles in 14g. Of course we still carry our normal range of nipple bars, rings and circulars in all metal types as well as all sizes.

Ear studs & fake body jewellery

These awesome studs are for cartilage piercings throughout the ear. Whether it is for your tragus, conch or just your upper ear, we have cuffs, funky styles, sparkley bling items, pretty much anything you could want for your upper ear jewellery.

If you aren't sure whether you want to go the whole distance and stretch or pierce your septum, upper ear, or other areas we have a large range of imitation plugs, tunnels, cuffs and septum rings for you, so you can try the style before getting serious.

We have so much more on offer at very affordable prices. Make sure you take the time to come in and see our full range in our Cairns store. Don't forget that you also get 1 FREE piece of body jewellery with every piercing (except for standard lobe piercing) as well as the initial piercing piece!. So drop in today and say hi to our helpful staff and choose your free piece of body jewellery for your next piercing.

Surgical Grade Stainless Steel 316L

Improper selection of your body piercing jewellery materials can result in some very nasty irritations and allergic reactions as well as higher risk from bacterial infection. The most common cause of allergic reaction to stainless steel is the nickel content and oxidation (rust) in poorer quality steels. If you have inferior quality stainless steel you may notice a black/greenish staining of the area around the piercing, this is due to the oxidation process. Our stainless steel body jewellery is all crafted from the highest quality implant-grade surgical stainless steel 316L. This is one of only two metals that we use for initial body piercings.

I will go into this a little further for you so you can understand the importance of this and how it affects you. Stainless steel is an alloy, which is a composite of several different elements with steel (iron & carbon) being the main ingredient, but steel on its own will oxidise. Therefor other materials (elements) are added to increase the strength and add different properties to the metal. Here are some that you are most likely to find, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, manganese along with sulphur, silicone and phosphorus. These elements are added to provide the metal with it's oxidation resistant properties. The main issues with the metals used in piercings are the factors which allow it to harbour bacteria, oxidise, and cause irritation through allergic reactions. Nickel is the most common irritant or allergen, but is required along with chromium and molybdenum to provide corrosion resistance. The human body is an extremely aggressive environment for any metals, with high acidity, moisture, salts and lack of oxygen. We all know what happens to steel at the bottom of the ocean... Your body is a similar environment. Now we understand the what and why of stainless steel, we can move on to the importance of the implant-grade surgical portion. This means that the steel has a far superior resistance to corrosion due to a much lower carbon content (hence the L portion of the 316L rating) and a less pitted (polished) surface layer which also allows for proper Autoclave sterillisation. While there is still a small amount of nickel in this product (usually 10-15%) it is generally considered to be 99.9% bio-compatible and non-allergenic. Allergic reactions, when they occur are rarely due to the 316L stainless steel itself and can usually be attributed to other factors like chemicals from cleaning products or mechanical irritation (movement of the jewellery in the piercing itself) or inferior quality product that is NOT 316L. This can result in itching, redness, swelling and a clear discharge that is not lymph (white blood cells). If you have an aggressive reaction to nickel then please do not use 316L stainless steel in your piercings but instead opt for the titanium grade 23.

Titanium Grade 23

Titanium grade 23 is an alloy also known as Ti-6Al-4V ELI which is the elemental compound structure: 90% Titanium, 6% Aluminium and 4% Vanadium the ELI portion means extra low interstitial which simply means 'the most pure' making it the supremely suitable for implant and surgical use. This is the only other metal we use for initial body piercing. Titanium has superior resistance to corrosion and is widely regarded as one of the most bio-compatible metals. Titanium can also be anodised into many different colours providing you with beautiful, unique pieces of jewellery that are resistant and bio-compatible.

Other metals & materials

We offer a large range of materials for your body piercings when they have completely healed. These can be anything from glass, bone, wood and acrylics to precious and non-precious metals. Generally we recommend that if you wish to have metals you continue to use the higher grades that cause the least amount of irritations and infection possibilities. We recommend that you use only sterling silver, a minimum of 9ct gold, but preferably 18ct gold or higher, 999 niobium, G23 titanium and 316L stainless steel.

With all the gauges and types of jewellery it is easy to order the wrong thing. This sizing guide will show you the correct way to measure your body jewellery to ensure you ask for the right fit.
Captive Bead Ring
Rings can go in any location with the exception of dermal punctures
Circular Barbell
Popular with septum, ear & nipple piercings
Curved Barbell
Ideal for eyebrows & navels
Straight Barbell
Ideal for tongues, nipples, industrial and surface piercings
Labret Stud
For the upper & lower lip
Nose Studs
For use in the nostrils
Plugs & Tunnels
Mostly used in the ear lobes. Anywhere else can be dangerous
For the ear lobes
Ball Sizing
Simply measured across the diameter. Also available in 2.5 and 3mm
Cone Sizes
The two important factors here are length & diameter
A quick guide for you to correctly assess your sizing from imperial to metric measurements
Gauge Conversions
  • Gaugemm
  • 200.8mm
  • 181.0mm
  • 161.2mm
  • 141.6mm
  • 122.0mm
  • 102.4mm
  • 83.2mm
  • 64.0mm
  • 45.0mm
  • 26.5mm
  • 08.0mm
  • 0010.0mm
Length Conversions
  • Gaugemm
  • 1/4"6mm
  • 5/16"8mm
  • 3/8"10mm
  • 7/16"11mm
  • 1/2"12mm
  • 9/16"14mm
  • 5/8"16mm
  • 3/4"19mm
  • 7/8"22mm
  • 1"25mm
  • 1+1/4"32mm
  • 1+3/8"35mm
  • 1+1/2"35mm
  • 2"51mm

Why you'll love shopping with us!

Not only do we offer the convenience and comfort of a fully air-conditioned shopping centre, our friendly staff are trained to help you make the best choices from our extensive range. We will assist you to find the perfect gift or item you are searching for no matter how difficult it may seem. Come in and try our Ionic Foot Detox and bring a friend for free. We offer such great quality and value for money you won't be able to find better anywhere in Cairns. Not only that, you will discover hidden delights in every nook and cranny of our popular Stockland store.

Our professional body piercing clinic

Karma House Cairns is a professional body piercing and training centre. We set the standard in hygiene and safety protocols and have a thorough after care service included with ALL our piercings. Our professional piercers have over 40 years of experience between them and have done every safe piercing imaginable. Just in case all this isn't enough, we have a loyalty/frequent piercing card which gives you every 5th piercing free! Come in and talk to us about your next piercing or call us on (07) 4033 0900.

Our incredible jewellery choices

Our jewellery range covers many styles, types and materials. Not only do we have a massive range of piercing jewellery to suit every type and size of piercing, but a huge collection of fashionable stainless steel jewellery for men and women. If you are looking for something a little more holistic, then we have all your favorite gemstones and crystals set in stunning sterling silver settings to suit any style.

Wonderful & stylish clothing selection

We have won the Stockland fashion retailer of the year award several times and offer a unique range of tropical, local and imported fashion for every member of your family from children's ware right up to men's and women's larger sizes. There is always something frilly, lacy or just plain sexy for you to try on. If this is not your cup of tea, then we have a full range of Reggae and Rasta style or high quality tie-dye casual clothing available.

Our unique alternative giftware range

Our Cairns store offers a huge range of giftware. We have something to suit even the most sophisticated of tastes. You will discover a large range on offer from affirmation banners, to mosaics, lamps, prints and much more... Perhaps you may even unearth that something special you have always been looking for, but could never find.

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