Video: Dana’s Conch Piercing – Up Close and Personal

Are you looking for a new and exciting piercing? Conch piercings are beautiful and very unique. The conch is located in the deep, bowl shaped, central shell of the ear. Watch as BodyCandy friend and modification veteran Dana gets her conch pierced by James at American Skin Art in Buffalo, New York. The money shot (needle insertion) is at about 0:33 seconds into the video.

The first step is examining the conch for blood vessels, cleaning, and then marking the correct spot with a surgical marker. After proper placement is ensured, the piercer takes a sterile 14 gauge hollow piercing needle and uses the freehand method to pierce the area from front to back. Forceps can also be used for this piercing if necessary. He then carefully inserts the new jewelry, which in this case is a 14 gauge ball captive ring. The captive ring is wide enough to clear the edge of the ear without binding it. A barbell can be used for initial jewelry if you prefer, or if your piercer deems it necessary (due to your anatomy). Dana did not feel much pain with this piercing, only pressure. She even commented right after the piercing that it was “rather pleasant”. Some people who have their conch done have reported that there is a pop and slight stinging sensation involved with this particular piercing as well.

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Healing time is commonly 6-9 months when proper aftercare is practiced. Daily cleaning and salt water soaks should be done as advised by your piercer. With a conch piercing there may be trial and error to find out which jewelry style is right and comfortable for you. Take extra care when going to bed, as sleeping on a new piercing can cause discomfort and longer healing time. Do you have your conch pierced? Share your stories in the comments below!