Video Firsthand Look: Belly Button Piercing – Up Close and Personal

Hi guys. It’s Lorna from Body Candy, and this is me, about to get my belly button pierced.

Like with all piercings, the entire area around the piercing has to be cleaned first. As you can see, the belly button can’t be clean enough to make the chances of infection as small as possible. The piercer that I went to prefers to use iodine for this, because the brownish-orange coloring helps him see that everything gets nice and clean.

Next he uses a special marker to center and mark where he’ll make the actual piercing. This is great, because you get to see where your belly ring will go.

Now he’s using a pair of clamps to stand the skin up so that the piercing will be quick and clean.

He checks the skin carefully to be sure it’s just right, grabs the sterilized hollow piercing needle, and here we go!

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Deep breath, and…. that didn’t look so bad, right?

Just a second of discomfort, and now I have a brand new navel piercing. Pretty neat, huh?

Now my piercer just lines up the belly ring with the blunt end of the needle, pushes it through, and twists the top ball on to hold it in.

With a few more touch-ups and some instructions on healthy aftercare I’m all set to go with my new navel ring.

After Being Pierced:

Getting the belly piercing only hurt for a second, and the healing time was pretty straight forward. I would definitely recommend this piercing to anyone who’s thinking of getting it. As you can see from the video, cleanliness is very important when deciding where to get your piercing, but there are a few other things that some of our readers and some of my own friends and family were dying to know, so here are the answers to some of those questions about belly piercing:

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The short answer is no, not really. The piercing itself is so quick, and the most uncomfortable part of the process was actually the clamps that you see my piercer using to hold the skin into place. As with any piercing, there was of course some continued discomfort during the first couple weeks of healing, but all in all, I would definitely do it again and the pain was fairly minimal.

Is it expensive in terms of upkeep?

This is definitely another no. Aftercare for these piercings is very affordable and generally includes a list of inexpensive products like small paper cups, paper towels, q-tips, antibacterial soap, distilled water, sea salt, and H2Ocean Aftercare Spray. Many of these things are cheap to purchase, last a long time, or may already be in your pantry or bathroom cabinet. Even the belly jewelry is extremely affordable.

How long did it take to heal?

This is different for everyone and there are two levels of healing the way I see it: almost healed up (when aftercare regimens can be lightened and there is no discomfort when the piercing is cleaned or moved), and completely healed (when piercing jewelry can start being changed out). For me, my navel was almost healed by around the eight week mark, and completely healed after about five months. Again, this will differ from person to person, so always remember to follow your piercer’s instructions.

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Are you glad you did it?

Definitely. I love my belly button piercing. I love the way it looks, how it fits my personality, and how versatile it can be with all the different types of jewelry out there. The possibilities for personalizing a belly piercing are almost endless, and it’s great to be able to change the look of my piercing with my mood.