Video: Cooler Than Cups – Fun With Freestyle Plug Stacking

Ever heard of the art of cup stacking? We have, and you’re about to see what happens when the BodyCandy staff goes pop culture crazy. We’ve re-invented the cup stacking phenomenon and upped the ante to a whole new level, with the first ever attempt at an awesome new pseudo-sport: plug stacking.

stacking plugs in formation like cups

You heard right. That’s the stacking of tunnel plugs in fun and fancy patterns. It might sound like we’re just goofing off, but this is actually quite a bit harder than it looks. Will we be able to create the perfect tunnel plug pyramid? You’ll just have to watch to find out.

rainbow jeweled tunnel plugs

Wanna get in on the action? If you have stretched lobes, loads of plugs or tunnels, and a little extra time on your hands, see if you can beat our best. Just post a link to your plug stacking video in the comments, and we’ll see if anyone can steal the title of Champion Plug Stacker.

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