How to Find the Unique Tattoo Shop Name in 2023

Best Way to Craft a Memorable Identity for Tattoo Business

Although the stigma surrounding tattoos is quickly fading—since one in five Americans have at least one tattoo—and major brands like Red Bull, ASOS, and Sailor Jerry are embracing tattoos as a means of spamvertising, there are only 30,000 tattoo businesses in the country. This shows that there’s still massive room for new tattoo artists to step in, start their businesses, and build success. But when it comes to creating your tattoo business, one thing that’ll convince new customers to experience your skills and talents is getting the creative tattoo shop name.

This is the Best Way to Craft a Memorable Identity for Your Tattoo Business.

Tattoos are one of the strongest forms of self-expression. So, it doesn’t surprise us that people everywhere are beginning to use them to capture special moments and display their uniqueness.

And today, we’ll be showing you some creative ways to find the perfect tattoo shop name that outlines your business’s soul and essence.

Three Steps to Creating a Brilliant Tattoo Shop Name

Three Steps to Creating a Brilliant Name for Your Tattoo Business

1. Know Your Brand and Create an Emotional Connection

Gone are the days when tattoos were only associated with sailors and outlaws. Today, celebrities, athletes, influencers, and tattoo fans embrace tattoos for artistic, cosmetic, sentimental, spiritual, or symbolic reasons.

And if your tattoo business must succeed, you must find a way to emotionally connect your business to the needs of your target customers. That’s because customers buy a product based on their emotions and justify them with logic.

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Druid Healing Tattoos is a solid example of a tattoo business that uses its name as an emotional link to customers needing healing tattoos.

And the key to connecting your brand to customers starts by understanding your core audience and building your branding elements.

Before you start naming your tattoo shop name, take the time to research potential customers. What interests them? Are they looking for something fun or meaningful? Knowing this can help you create an emotional connection with potential customers.

Remember, your branding elements—your big ideas, values, mission, and value proposition—are the tools you’ll use to create and communicate the essence of your brand. When your customers see your brand’s logo, slogan, mission statement, and pictures, they should know what you’re trying to create with your brand.

2. Start Brainstorming for a Compelling Name

Start Brainstorming for a Compelling Name

Great tattoo brand names don’t drop from the sky, they’re created, and the creative process is both exciting and challenging.

Gather every information about your business before you start brainstorming. This way, you can develop a strong tattoo shop name that links your business to your customer’s emotional needs.

Start by brainstorming creative and unique names for your business based on what you know about your target market. Think outside the box and consider different combinations of words, phrases, numbers, or symbols that might express people’s interest in tattoos.

And instead of getting distracted by cross-checking each name you find after you’ve brainstormed them, focus your creativity on crafting unique words that align with your tattoo brand’s personality and identity.

Use these naming tools to make your brainstorming process easier:

  • Thesaurus
  • brand name generators
  • Tattoo industry jargons
  • Emotionally charged names
  • Rhyming words
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Your goal in this deep thinking phase should be to generate at least 200 good names for business . This way, you can get a solid reserve of words to work with as you verify the names, Taglines, And Slogans you’ve found.

3. Confirm and Select Your Desired Tattoo Shop Name

Once you’ve generated some quality names, it’s time to vet and filter them down to at least ten powerful names that align with your goals. When verifying your tattoo shop name, ensure you ruthlessly cross-check every minute detail about your top ten names.

Here are some simple ways to confirm and select your desired name.

  • Audience Validation: Getting detailed feedback from your customers through surveys can help you understand which brand names customers love. This would give you a direct understanding of the perfect identity and personality your tattoo business needs.

Also, don’t forget to get input from others involved in the process, like family members, partners, and friends who are familiar with marketing concepts and how people perceive tattoos today (as art vs. body modification).

Doing this will give you valuable advice on which name resonates most strongly, so always ask plenty of questions before making any decisions.

  • Check if it’s got a ‘.com’ Domain: When selecting the perfect tattoo shop name, be mindful to check if it has a ‘ .com’ domain.

A ‘.com’ domain is essential for creating an influential and visible online presence that can help extend your reach online. Without it, you risk fading into oblivion in today’s digital age, where markets constantly shift and adapt to rapidly changing technologies.

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Make sure that when people across the globe search for your unique tattoos, they find what they need quickly. With a ‘.com’ domain at its core, you’ll have them hooked.

  • Trademarks: Before choosing any name as your brand name, get it trademarked with the USPTO . This way, you can protect your name from bad actors in your niche. Trademarking is a tasking and time-consuming process, so get help from a trademark attorney.

4. Create a Catchy Tagline

Once you’ve found the right name for your business, create a tagline or slogan to go along with it that will further connect with your customers emotionally. Keep it simple but make sure it speaks directly to what makes getting a tattoo from you a unique experience, whether it’s quality artwork, customer service commitment, or something else entirely!

Fuel Your Brand With Passion

Tattoo businesses are fueled by a roaring fire of passion, a force you should never underestimate.

So, ensure your brand is equipped with an emotionally-charged name, as the key to creating a unique, unforgettable brand name lies in its ability to bridge the gap between your intense passions and those of your customers.

Doing this will ignite something inside them, making them feel connected and genuinely invested in what you offer. So don’t underestimate the power of finding a great name – it could unlock vast potential for you and your customers.

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Grant Polachek is the head of branding at Squadhelp, a 3X Inc. 5000 firm specializing in creating unique brand names and a naming agency . We’ve examined over a million brand names and compiled many intriguing and unique company names. has worked with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups to create unique names that convey their goals and principles.