How to Make a Temporary Tattoo?

How to draw your own temporary tattoo

Temporary tattoos are great visual treats for the people who are scared of passing through freaky inking process. Again, it serves as a boon to the people who want to make a try for how the tattoo actually looks like before going for the permanent mark on the body.

Are you the one who faints on sighting the needle or who does not want to sit for long hours for tattooing? Are you the one who is afraid of lifelong commitments in the form of the permanent marks on the body? Are you the one who wants to keep your children busy and happy in summer and Christmas vacations the one who looking to become a temporary tattoo artist for your children’s birthday party?

Then you are at the right place!! Temporary tattoos can be easily made with the help of paper, pencils, eyeliners and nail polish. We will show how to make temporary tattoos easily. Let’s go ahead!!

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How to make Tattoos with a Color Pencil

How to make Tattoos with a Color Pencil

It is the simplest way to get a colorful temporary tattoo. All you need is the color pencil, a bowl of hot water to soften the pencil-nib. Then just follow below steps:

  1. Dip the pencil in the hot water for about 5 minutes.
  2. Make a quick flick to shed excess water from the pencil.
  3. Get an artist in you and start drawing the outlines of the chosen tattoo design.
  4. Once you are happy with the outcome, you can fill in the design with the same or different color pencil.
  5. Dip the pencil in the hot water again if it goes dry during the process making it difficult for you to draw.
  6. Let the tattoo dry naturally. Make a layer of hair-spray on it to make it last longer.

You are done with your pencil tattoo. Isn’t it Simple!!

How to make Tattoos with a Eyeliner

How to make Tattoos with a Eyeliner

Here, you will need a tracing paper, Pencil, Cloth, Talcum powder, hairspray and of course a waterproof eyeliner. Let’s start tattoo as below:

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Make your own tattoo design on the paper with the pencil.

  1. Make it sure that you are pressing the pencil hard while drawing the borders and scribbling inside the design to make a dark impression.
  2. Cut the design leaving good space around it.
  3. Now, clean the area to be tattooed with rubbing alcohol to remove excess dirt and oil.
  4. Then place the cut-out pencil side down on the skin.
  5. Press it with the damp of cloth for some-time without moving it.
  6. Remove the paper and you will get a light impression of the tattoo.
  7. Catch hold of the eye-liner now and start outlining the tattoo.
  8. You can also fill-in the design with it to give a solid look.
  9. Let it dry naturally or sprinkle talcum powder on it with the make-up brush.
  10. And lastly, seal the tattoo with Hairspray to make it stay long.

Your Solid Tattoo is all ready!!

How to make a tattoo with Nail polish

How to make a tattoo with Nail polish

Get a paper, pencil, scissor, gel pen/tattoo pen and a nail polish.

  1. Draw or print a desired tattoo design.
  2. Cut it out and make a stencil.
  3. Clean the tattoo area with rubbing alcohol.
  4. Place the stencil on the skin.
  5. Make the outline of the tattoo edges with gel pen or tattoo pen.
  6. Dip a paintbrush in the nail polish to fill in the inside area of the tattoo.
  7. Let it dry naturally. Make it sure that you use a good product as nail polish is loaded with lot of chemicals and might not be skin friendly.
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Apart, Tattoos done with nail polish tends to leave the skin too early.

Instead of pencil, eyeliner or nail polish, you can also use Henna as an alternative for making a temporary tattoo . Though it will stay long comparatively and can get clear with the passage of time.

Are you ready now for making a temporary tattoo?

Happy Tattooing Temporarily!!