Jewelry Fashion Fix: Caught Howling at the Moon

Does man’s interest in the wolf stem from the traditional werewolf legend? Is it the ability to transform for relief from the fast pace of modern living? The beauty and majesty of the animal itself? Whatever it is, this furry creature has become a new fashion obsession.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

There’s a reason that little red riding hood wins in the fairy tale world: because ravishing red helped to her brilliantly save the day.

Hairy Situation

Just like in the movies, wolves and werewolf lore suggest a certain wildness that carries through to the human appearance. A prime example: the hair as worn by the human individual. It should be wild, carefree, undone, and perhaps slightly unnatural. Greyish hues, animalistic stripes, and off-kilter styles that create body and movement fit the bill.

Dangerous Beauty

The werewolf carries a natural sensuality, amplified by its wild and hedonistic inner nature. Think blood red, palor, dark neutrals, and natural elements such as leaves and flora. Even a flower can still be deadly.

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Silver Bullet

The werewolf and the silver bullet remain as inextricably intertwined as the wooden stake and the vampire. For those who are pierced especially, solid silver tone jewelry is an absolute must. To add interest, try a spike instead of a regular stud, or stacks of multiple circular pieces.

Graphic Lines

To modernize the standard emblem of wolfy love, graphic representations in monochrome or colorized black and white create the perfect update. Favorite pose: howling at the full moon, of course.