45 Best Lip Tattoo Ideas

Best vLip tattoo ideas

Lip tattoos….. Oh the thought only gives Goosebumps to many people; however, some really find the lip tattoo ideas very exciting and thrilling. If you’re in the latter category, then here are some facts that you really need to know about lip tattoos.

  1. People who get lip tattoos get their inner lip inked.
  2. You can get only a small tat etched on your lip. People prefer to get words, such as Cheers, Create, etc. etched on their lips
  3. Many celebrities, including Kendall Jenner, Ke$ha have got lip tattoos. Kendall Jenner got “Meow” etched on her inner lip, while Ke$ha has got “Suck It” inked.
  4. Lip tattoos fade the fastest, especially the inner lip tattoos. Most lip tattoos fade within one to five years, and some fade in even weeks to months.
  5. Because the mouth is a different part of the body to keep clean, the risk of infection may be higher in a lip tattoo.
  6. Since lip tattoos fade faster than most others, so you’ll need touch-ups every few years if you want to keep it vibrant.
  7. Lip tattoos are very painful, as lips tend to be sensitive. So, if you’re planning to get a lip tattoo, then be prepared for the pain that comes with tattoos on lips.
  8. Besides pain and other possible infections, other potential risks include swelling, scarring, allergic reactions (possibly anaphylaxis), and blood-borne illnesses.
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What shall you do to prevent infection and potential risks?

First things first, choose your tattoo artist with care. Ensure they have a solid reputation and work for a registered tattoo parlor with valid certificates on display. According to studies, 0.02% of all negative reactions to tattoos are severe; therefore, it is critical to be aware. Ask your tattoo artist what precautions they take to keep you safe. Also, it is crucial to follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare instructions religiously.

Plus, to reduce your risk of infection or other negative side effects, ask your tattoo artist for some helpful tips on preparing your mouth ahead of time.

Lip Tattoo Ideas to Get Inspiration From

Here are some of the best lip tattoo ideas for you to get inspired by…

A Smiley symbol etched on lips

Smiley symbol tattoo on Lips

Heart symbol etched on inner lips

Heart symbol etched on inner lips

A Diamond symbol on your lips

Diamond tattoo ideas on Inner lips

Infinity symbol lip tattoo

Infinity symbol lip tattoo ideas

Musical Note symbol lip tattoo

Musical Note symbol lip tattoo ideas

“LOVE” etched on inner lips

LOVE etched on inner lips

A Crown etched on inner lips

A Crown etched on inner lips tattoos

Kitty lip tattoo

Kitty lip tattoo ideas

“LIFE” lip tattoo

LIFE lip tattoo ideas

Dinosaur etched on the inner lip

Dinosaur tattoo on the Girl

Ice Cream tattooed on lips

Ice Cream tattooed on lips

“DANGER ZONE” lip tattoo

DANGER ZONE Inner lip tattoo designs

“BITE ME” lip tattoo

BITE ME lip tattoo ideas

“GOOD VIBES” etched on the inner lip

GOOD VIBES etched on the inner lip

Star tattoo on lips

Star lips tattoo ideas

  • An Arrow on Inner Lips
  • ‘$’ symbol inked on inner lips
  • ‘CHEERS’ lip tattoo
  • “SILENCE” inked on lips
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Two Hearts lips tattoo

Anchor lips tattoos image

Cycle tattoo ideas on women lips

Hand symbol lips tattoo

lips tattoo

Leaf lips tattoo

Half moon lips tattoo

Map tattoo ideas on inner lips

Tiny tattoo

Daddy lips tattoo

Bumble Bee lip tattoo

Broken Heart lip tattoo

Cross symbol etched on the inner lip

Barbell tattooed on lips

Triangle etched on lips

A Circle inked on inner lips

Geometric symbols lip tattoos

Cupid’s Arrow lip tattoo

Dragon lip tattoo

Rock.N.Roll lip tattoo

“KISS ME” etched on inner lips

Besides these, here are some more funky lip tattoo ideas of celebrities that you can get inspiration from….

Miley Cyrus’ Sad Kitty etched on her inner lip

Miley Cyrus

James Charles “Sisters” lip tattoo

James Charles Sisters lip tattoo designs

Paris Jackson got “Motley” etched on inner lips

Paris Jackson got Motley etched on inner lips

Ethan Dolan has “Create” tattooed on his inner lips

Ethan Dolan has Create tattooed on his inner lips

Grayson Dolan got “Grind” inked on his inner lips

Grayson Dolan got Grind inked on his inner lips

Kitty Pryde got “Prince$$” inked on her lips

Kitty Pryde got Prince$ inked on her lips 38

Allison Green has “5150” etched

Allison Green has 5150 etched 39

Justine Skye has the Smiley symbol etched on her inner lips

Justine Skye has the Smiley symbol etched on her inner lips

Apart from these 35 lip tattoo ideas, you can get anything, from your favorite word to your favorite symbol etched on your lips. Cute Lip tattoos look quirky and very creative. The most remarkable thing about painful lip tattoos is that they stay concealed.

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