Stretched Ears Can Be Feminine Too, Darling

To say a body jewelry style belongs strictly to a certain demographic is silly. Humans are a complex species. No two of us are alike. There’s bound to be some overlap in personalities and interests, across all sexes, gender, race, etc.

It’s sometimes assumed that individuals who choose to stretch their earlobes are of some underground, hardcore form of being. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it is pretty hardcore… hardcore awesome!

Stretching, much like any form of body modification, is an individual choice. For some it’s a journey of self discovery and awareness. It’s also just a cool way to accessorize! Have you seen our collection of new Acrylic Dried Spring Flowers Saddle Plugs?

No matter what your style is, you’ll have an easy time finding a pair of plugs, tunnels or tapers to match it. Don’t be afraid to show your effeminate side through body mod! If you think the only people who stretch their lobes are the stereotypical “goths” and “punk rock” kids, you need to check yourself…

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And then check out these beauties, in all their delightful stretched lobe glory!