Top 45+ Incredible Dog Tattoo Ideas

Best Dog Tattoo Ideas

The greatest way of celebrating your four-legged best friend is to have a tattoo dedicated to your dog. We all know that dogs are the most faithful and loyal animals. Other people will keep coming and going from your life, but a dog once came will always stay loyal to you. Getting a dog-inspired tattoo is better than getting your partner’s name etched on your body. Here in this post, we are sharing some wonderful dog tattoo ideas to help you get inspired by…….. Take a look……

What Dog Tattoos Symbolize?

A canine-inspired tattoo typically symbolizes protection, guidance, loyalty, love, and fidelity. A dog is considered the most loyal animal, and hence, loyalty is what a dog tattoo stands for. People who are proud owners of dogs can get a dog tattoo.

Dog Tattoo Designs:

There are countless beautiful tattoo designs when it comes to dog-inspired tattoos. All you have to make sure is you get meaningful dog tattoos. Of course, your tattoo should reflect the connection that you share with your four-legged friend. Some people dedicate their inks to their loving dogs when their dogs leave the world. They get their tattoos etched in the memory of their dog. If you also have any of these reasons to get a tattoo dedicated to your dog, then this post is for you. Scroll down to see the beautiful dog tattoo designs to get some inspiration.

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Here are 20+ dog tattoo designs for you……

1. Dog Outline Tattoo

Dog Outline Tattoo designs on wrist

Some people do not want to overdo their tattoos; for them, the best idea is to get outline tattoo designs. Dog outline tattoo is one of the beautiful and very minimalistic tattoo designs that you can consider dedicating to your beloved dog.

2. Dog Tattoo Portrait

Dog Tattoo Portrait on Hand

Another stunning dog tattoo design is a dog tattoo portrait. Get your dog’s portrait etched on your skin so that the memory of your dog remains fresh in your heart and mind. A nice way to bestow your love for your dog.

3. Lifeline Dog Tattoo

Lifeline Dog Tattoo ideas on arm

Another best tattoo design for those who are looking for simple tattoo ideas . This one will have the lifeline with which you can get a paw etched at the end. This tattoo looks really, very beautiful. Anybody whosoever owns a dog, whether a male or female, can get this beautiful tattoo design.

4. Dog Memorial Tattoo Idea

Dog Memorial Tattoos ideas on arm

When it comes to a pet tattoo , a dog memorial tattoo design is a beautiful idea. People get dog remembrance tattoo specifically etched when their beloved four-legged friend dies.

5. Dog Paw Tattoo

Small Dog Paw Tattoo on ankle

If you are looking for a cute and tiny tattoo design to dedicate to your dog, then consider a dog paw tattoo. Dog paw tattoos look fantastic and very cute and elegant. You can get this tattoo in any size and on any part of your body.

6. Infinity Paw Print Memorial Tattoo with Heart

Infinity Paw Print Memorial Tattoo with Heart

This amazing tattoo looks simple yet elegant. The infinity symbol will have two paws on one side and a heart on the other side, making it a unique tattoo design.

7. Dog and Flowers Memorial Tattoo

Dog and Flowers Memorial Tattoo ideas

Another pet memorial tattoo is a dog and flowers memorial tattoo that you can dedicate to your dead dog. In this tattoo design, the dog will be laid to rest on the flower bed. It is a beautiful pet memorial tattoo.

8. Infinity Paw Print Tattoo

Infinity Paw Print tattoo ideas

Get an infinity paw print memorial tattoo with stars etched on your arm. This one is a small tattoo design that one can look for. It will have two paws with stars connected to infinity tattoo on both sides.

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9. Heart with Dog Name Tattoo

Heart with Dog Name Tattoo

Get your dog’s name etched inside a heart tattoo to have him permanently in your memories. This design looks cool; you can have it in color or black ink.

10. Hand to Paw Dog Tattoo

Hand to Paw Dog Tattoo Designs

Get a black hand to paw dog tattoo on your arm. This one looks beautiful and very classy.

11. Watercolor Dog Tattoo

Best Watercolor Dog Tattoo on chest

Watercolor dog tattoos look mesmerizing. Get only the face of the dog etched in watercolor; it will make for an eye-catching tattoo design.

12. Origami Dog Tattoos

Best Origami Dog Tattoo ideas

Origami dog tattoos look very cute. You can get an origami dog tattoo in any color of your choice or in black ink as well.

13. Floral Dog Portrait Memorial Tattoo

Cute Floral Dog Portrait Memorial Tattoo

Get this one in the sweet memory of your beloved dog. Get only the dog’s face etched along with flowers on your arm or forearm. This tattoo design looks very beautiful and sober.

14. Silhouette Dog Tattoo

Best Silhouette Dog Tattoo designs

No doubt that silhouette tattoo design stands out, and a Silhouette dog tattoo is definitely a classy choice for having something simple.

15. Dog and Cat Friends Forever Tattoo

Best Dog and Cat Friends Forever Tattoo

Just get the outline of a dog and cat sitting next to each other etched on your arm. This tattoo design will be a head-turner dog tattoo design that you will love for sure.

16. Heart in Paw Tattoo

Best Heart in Paw Tattoo on Shoulder

If you really want to keep it simple, then this tattoo design is for you for sure. Get a tiny heart in a paw etched on your wrist or wherever you want it. It will look awesome, trust me!

17. Paw on Toe Thumb

Paw on Toe Thumb

Get a hidden paw etched on your toe thumb.

18. Weiner Dog Outline Tattoo

Weiner Dog Outline Tattoo

Just an outline of Weiner dog’s will make for a beautiful dog tattoo design. This tattoo looks great; if you want, you can even add some additional elements, like a heart or star etched along with it to make it look more fancy and stylish.

19. Heart Trail Paw Print Tattoo

Best Heart Trail Paw Print Tattoo

Another amazing tattoo design idea includes a heart trail paw print tattoo. This tattoo will have a heart trail that will end with the paw print. It is a simple and very beautiful tattoo design that you will like for sure.

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20. Dog Outline with Heart Tattoo

Best Dog Outline with Heart Tattoo

Get a dog outline with a heart tattoo etched in the memory of your sweet dog. It is just to show how much you loved your dog.

21. Cartoon Puppy Tattoo

Cute Cartoon Puppy Tattoo

Cartoon puppy tattoos look so cute and beautiful that you won’t be able to resist yourself. A nice and sober tattoo design to consider.

22. Minimal Dog Tattoo

Best Minimal Dog Tattoo

Minimal dog tattoos are for ones who love to stay minimalistic even with their tattoo choices.

Placement of Dog Tattoo Designs

Well, the placement of dog tattoos will vary based on the dog tattoo’s size and design. If you want to get a larger sized dog tattoo, then the best places are:

If you want to get a dog tattoo in small size, then you can place your tattoo on your:

And in the case of tiny dog-inspired tattoos, the placement would be:

  • Back of your ear
  • Nape
  • Toe Thumb
  • Finger
  • Thumb
  • Ankle
  • Wrist

Where to get a dog tattoo from?

Well, this is obvious that you should get any tattoo, be it a dog tattoo design or any other tattoo design from a reputed tattoo artist. Professional tattoo artists are skilled who can help you with exactly what you want in a tattoo. If you go to some random tattoo artist, you will end up regretting your tattoo design. Understand that it is not worth spending money on a wrong tattoo design or a tattoo that brings disappointment.

It’s always better to choose the best in the first place, especially when it is about a tattoo design. Going to the right tattoo artist will help you get a beautiful tattoo. Apart from this, professional tattoo artists also help their clients with the right tattoo design. So, it is always good to go to a reputed tattoo artist to avoid any disappointments later.


I hope the above-mentioned dog tattoo ideas help you choose the right tattoo design. These tattoo designs are very popular amongst dog lovers; if you are one, go ahead with the design you like the most. Make sure you get a dog tattoo from a reputed tattoo artist only.