15 Best Tattoo Shops in Chicago

Best Tattoo Shops in Chicago

The city of Chicago has a long history with tattoos. In the 1930s, naval sailors flocked to the city to get inked at one of the few tattoo shops that existed at the time. Chicago was also responsible for the meteoric rise of some of the world’s most accomplished artists, including Normal Collins, Sailor Jerry, and Cliff Raven, whose Chicago Tattooing and Piercing Company has become one of the most recognizable studios in tattooing history.

Tattooing is becoming more popular as a culture, and by 2023, it will be designed to be extremely safe and reliable. On the internet and social media, the majority of tattoo artists have developed large and trusted networks. Almost everyone is urged to come in and receive their first tattoo on the body, thanks to many restrictions and happy clients who share the thrill of visiting a particular tattoo studio.

It’s worth checking this list of the best tattoo studios in Chicago. Safety and satisfaction is the primary concern and goal, which is why these have been carefully picked the best studios after analyzing them and the customer satisfaction.

1. West Town Tattoo

West Town Tattoo Shop in Chicago

For more than two decades, West Town Tattoo has been creating distinctive and bespoke tattoos for clients in Chicago. Tattoo cover-up and glycerin-free tattoo ink are available at the shop. Robert Hixon, the company’s creator, has been in the sector since the early 1990s. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and is proficient in a variety of tattooing techniques, including Japanese old-school tattooing. Robert collaborates with a group of talented artists that have backgrounds in painting, illustration, and the visual arts.

2. Deluxe Tattoo

Deluxe tattoo is one of the best tattoo studio in Chicago

Deluxe Tattoo is one of the most diverse tattoo studios in the area. It’s been in operation since 1997. They’ve had tens of thousands of satisfied customers who keep coming back as a consequence of their professionalism, flawless work ethic, and nice tone and attitude. It’s without a doubt one of the most versatile venues to get a tattoo of flowers , animals, celebrities, and other subjects. Keep in mind that they only allow walk-ins, so phone or email them ahead of time to book an appointment.

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3. Taylor St. Tattoo

Taylor St. tattoo shop

Taylor Street Tattoo is a Chicago-based shop with a staff of artists skilled in both custom and traditional tattooing. The studio, which opened as a walk-in shop in 2004, offers consultations before the tattoo procedure to assess the design, size, and placement possibilities. Taylor Street Tattoo, according to previous clients, has a talented and courteous team, as well as a comfortable atmosphere, amazing vision, and an accommodating character that is ideal for people having their first tattoo.

4. Wish Me Luck Tattoo

Wish Me Luck Tattoo is the place to go if you’re searching for an LGBT-friendly environment that’s also free of racial pressure. The quality of the tattoo designs is outstanding. The emphasis is on creating tattoo designs that are light-toned, delicate, and intricate.

5. Tattoo Factory

Tattoo Factory - Best Tattoo Shop in Chicago

The Tattoo Factory, located at 4441 N. Broadway in Chicago’s notorious Uptown, was founded in 1976 by Pete Collurafici and is Chicagoland’s oldest continuously run tattoo business. There are no long lines at a Tattoo Factory because the Drink N’ Ink is right next door. On one screen, your buddies may watch you get tattooed while watching the game on the other. Tattoos, piercings, and Japan-style, traditional, wildlife, watercolor, tribal, portrait, cover-up, new school, and custom tattoos are available.

6. Royal Flesh Tattoos and Piercings

Royal Flesh Tattoos and Piercings Shop

Royal Flesh Tattoos and Piercings, which has been serving the Chicago area since 2010, is a tattoo and piercing store that focuses on creating creative artwork and providing a distinct experience for clientele. Custom tattoo artwork, a clean environment, and cover-up tattoo ideas and projects are among the shop’s specialties. The high-end jewelry assortment, clean shop, courteous personnel, talented artists, comfortable presence, touchup work, high-quality artwork, patient artists, and professional approach have all been praised by clients.

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7. Tattoo Candy

Tattoo Candy will create lovely tattoos as well as those that are bold and aggressive. Whether you’re looking for a little or huge design, we’ve got you covered. They work quickly and safely, and they pay attention to all of your wants and requests. There are many unique designs on social media that are worth checking out. The tattoo designs created for clients and consumers are beautiful and can inspire you to get your next tattoo.

8. Speakeasy Custom Tattoo

Speakeasy Custom Tattoo Shop in Chicago

Speakeasy is a one-of-a-kind custom tattoo studio that was created not only to be a very practical, hygienic work area but also to be a very comfortable, relaxed place that puts both artists and clients at ease. As a custom tattoo studio, they prefer to collaborate with their customers to create an original work of art that will not be found on any wall. At Speakeasy, each artist works personally with their own clientele, creating artwork based on your ideas and their own vision.

9. Hammerhead Tattoo

Hammerhead Tattoo is a tattoo studio in Chicago that serves the surrounding areas. Color realism is used by its painters, and it also specializes in black and grey, writing, anime, neo-traditional, geometric patterns, and Japanese. Each design is created to the client’s specifications. The studio’s tattoo artists have total expertise of more than 50 years in the field. Customers can get customized products such as beanies, caps, and t-shirts in-store or online from Hammerhead Tattoo.

10. Ageless Tattoo

While serving customers in Oak Park, Ageless Tattoo is one of Chicago’s most well-known tattoo studios. Ageless Tattoo offers a variety of packages to its most loyal customers, as well as attempting to entice new ones to take advantage of its lucrative deals. It provides a selection of ready-made tattoo designs that may be customized. It also offers a Gift Card system as well as substantial discounts to those who cannot afford a tattoo.

11. Chicago Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing

Chicago Ink Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio

They are always experimenting with new tools and approaches to enhance their abilities, provide important insight to their clients, and preserve intrinsic curiosity, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of domestic artists and international inspirations. They recognize that body alteration is a personal choice, and they promise to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

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12. GoodKind Tattoo Co

Goodkind Tattoo Co. is a Chicago-based custom tattoo shop. Rob Goodkind, the shop’s owner, began tattooing in 2006 and specializes in artistic and Japanese work. The store focuses on a variety of genres while yet maintaining its traditional tattooing heritage. Clients praise the store and its artists for their professionalism, cleanliness, flexible schedule, talent, and artistic vision. Furthermore, the shop has a store that sells a variety of things, including clothes and prints.

13. Pioneer Tattoo

Pioneer Tattoo Shop in Chicago

Pioneer Tattoo has been in business for years, with a large number of delighted customers and even more who return for revision or a new tattoo. When you visit their social media website, you’ll see that the feed is made up of a variety of works, ranging from the most simplistic to the most severe and demanding, such as a whole back tattoo. Skilled and patient tattoo artists, as well as high-end equipment, will make you very happy.

14. Insight Studios

Insight Studios Chicago

In June of 2005, Insight Studios began to take shape theoretically. The goal was to create a creative space that would house talented artists. At Insight Studios, your safety and comfort are paramount, and they strive to make each tattoo/piercing/removal experience one to remember. Tattooing, Tattoo Removal, and Piercing are among the services they provide.

15. Chicago’s Heart-N-Soul

Chicago’s Heart-N-Soul Tattoo Shop

Heart-N-Soul is a tattoo shop in Chicago that caters to locals. Color, black and grey tattoos, cover-ups, flower tattoos, and bespoke tattoo design work are all styles it is familiar with. Chicago’s shopkeeper Bill is a part of his sponsor’s professional team, Goliath Needles. For moreover 26 years, he has been tattooing personalized designs in the neighborhood.

16. Archer Avenue Tattoo

Archer Avenue Tattoo Studio

Since 2000, Archer Avenue Tattoo has been serving the Chicago area. It offers tattoo and piercing services, as well as hosting guest artists on occasion. Portrait work, traditional Japanese, color, traditional, and black, and grey are among the tattoo styles offered by Archer Avenue Tattoo. By offering a clean and comfortable setting, our team of artists and piercers attempts to turn a painful encounter into a pleasurable one.