When They Look Up at the Sky: Modification’s Place in the Universe

body mod

Body modification has existed in some form for pretty much as long as humans have walked the earth. From the therapeutic tattooing of Ötzi the famous ice mummy, to the stretched ears of ancient North African and Indian deities, modification is a common practice amongst our species, as old as hunting for food or living communally. But what about other intelligent species who might be living light years away amongst the stars?

Although we’ll probably never know if there’s other intelligent life in the universe, and whether or not they would be pierced, tattooed, or otherwise modified, it’s safe to assume that making upgrades to our bodies is a side effect of intelligent evolution. Just like a species of monkey might evolve to be good swimmers as their habitat becomes more susceptible to flooding, we humans have changed our bodies to adapt to our dynamic modern world.

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body mod in the modern world

An interest in our skies seems natural too, especially when you consider that they’re constantly changing, just like we are. In fact, when you think about it, if the night sky were a body, the stars and their arrangements (the constellations) would kind of be like it’s jewelry. So until we discover the secrets of the universe, here are some sky jewelry arrangements to watch for:

stars to watch in the northern hemisphere

This is about what the sky will look like this Spring for persons in the Northern hemisphere, and you’ll probably recognize quite a few of these names and shapes. Star watching is a great way to spend those late Spring nights, especially when the air is warm and the skies are clear.

watching the stars

Can’t get enough of that sweet celestial beauty? Then maybe it’s time to bring a little of it into your wardrobe. Get ready to shine like a star.