What’s Your Body Jewelry Style – Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold?

I have always loved rose gold ever since my dad showed it to me . I only buy rose gold as my good jewerly. I have always wanted a belly ring but thought I was too fat, I promised myself a piercing for my birthday, only social distancing started stores closed etc. I went to body candy because that,s were my daughter and friends shop. So I picked out some. Well you know the story I never got periced. Looking forward into the future when I can wear a belly ring rose gold.

Stacey on July 16, 2020

Came up with my favorite!

Deb Barton on July 16, 2020

I love silver, or white gold. I have a tanned complexion. I like I love sparkles.

Stephanie Stephens on July 16, 2020

I received Rose Gold also as it’s what I prefer but also purchase a lot of silver

Chastity SImmons on March 03, 2020

I got gold but love all he colors.

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Chanda on December 31, 2019