We All Go Nuts for Doughnuts

doughnut fashion and Doughnut Day

There’s nothing quite as decadent as a nice fresh doughnut. The texture, the smell, the ridiculously sweet glaze that melts in your mouth… It’s easy to see why it’s become a graphic icon in girl world, alongside the cupcake, ice cream cone, and lollipop. I mean, even if you eat it at breakfast, dessert is still dessert, right?

the awesome sweetness of doughnuts

So in the spirit of exploring the more saccharine side of our fashion sensibilities, it’s time to break out all the doughnuts we can find. Pastry look good as a t-shirt print or on a hair bow, but they really “take the cake” (ha!) as cute and dainty accessories. And you won’t even have to deal with a sugar rush.

adorable doughnut body jewelry

Fun Fact: Today is actually National Doughnut Day, a holiday that began around the onset of World War II. Originally, (get this) it’s creators were partnered with the Salvation Army, and provided army servicemen with doughnuts and coffee in the volunteer huts at the outskirts of encampments.

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