We Heart Body Mod, Piercing and Art: Color Psychology

Everyone can probably tell by now how much the team here at BodyCandy loves color, but did you know that our color preferences can vary by region, gender, and even age? The study of this is called “color psychology,” and you’d never believe what some colors can do. Take blue for instance.

funky blue body jewelry

Soft blue or teal hues are universally the most popular, with an estimated 35 percent of American citizens choosing blue as their favorite color. It’s easy to see why, since the shade is associated with competency, even-headedness, calm, collectedness, and quality. The really interesting part though is that blue has been used for lighting in other countries in an attempt to calm the populace, like in Japan where blue bulbs were installed at train stations (get this) in hopes of lowering suicide attempts! (Pink is thought to be calming too. Who knew?)

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hot pink body jewelry

That brings us to our favorite hue of the moment, heart-worthy yellow. Yellow is associated with social behavior, energy, and happiness, and lighter shades are the perfect paint tones to make a room appear bigger and brighter. Talk about multitasking. Yellow, we heart you.

brilliant yellow body jewelry

Eager for some fresh body jewelry bliss? Then sneak a pick at these hot behind the scenes shots from the photo shoot for our brand new Dream in Color lookbook, coming soon.