Video: Jennah’s Lip Piercing – Up Close and Personal

Watch as Jennah gets pierced by James at American Skin Art in Buffalo, NY. The needle pierces her lip at around 30 seconds in the video. James, a professional piercer, cleans and marks the area. (She eventually wants to get snakebites so he measures appropriately, then has her check it.) It is always important that you check the placement of your piercing before your piercer continues, there is no turning back once that needle is through your flesh. After it’s approved by the customer, the piercer will clamp the lip with forceps and line up the needle with the marked spot. The lip is then pierced from the bottom upwards with a 14 gauge hollow needle. After it is through, the lip he then corks off the needle and inserts the new BCR jewelry.

All styles of BCRs, or ball captive rings, consist of a ring with a small opening and a ball or bead that fits snugly into the opening, which keeps the jewelry in its place. The jewelry is tightened and adjusted with special sterilized pliers. The initial hoop is larger to make room for swelling and to aid in the healing process. She is encouraged to come back in several weeks to have her jewelry downsized. It is wise to have your piercer change your jewelry for you the first time to make sure that you have waited long enough and that everything is healing properly. Initial jewelry in a lip piercing can be a stud, horseshoe, or a captive bead ring.

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lip piercing jewelry types

This piercer is so good that Jennah didn’t even flinch. The needle effortlessly pierced her full bottom lip. Not one tear, blink, or cringe for this brave beauty. Even though there was a small amount of blood, she was almost smiling as he put in the new jewelry. I felt the same way when getting my Monroe pierced by James. It is so important to trust your piercer and know their portfolio and personality before going in. If you trust someone you will be much less tense and more receptive to the new piercing. The studio must be safe and sterile and should also have their health code certificate on display.

Lip piercings generally take around 6-10 weeks to heal. With proper aftercare it’s pretty rare to develop an infection because the mouth has the natural ability to fight off harmful bacteria. Avoid eating, drinking, or smoking for several hours after the initial piercing; this is when the new wound is most vulnerable. It is completely normal to experience some swelling and tenderness, but that is all part of the healing process of every piercing. Avoid touching your new piercing and make sure to follow your piercer’s aftercare guidelines strictly (they should give you a print out of their aftercare). It is also recommended to refrain from kissing until the swelling goes down; a little patience may be required for this step. Always keep your mouth sanitized; it is especially important after eating, smoking, or drinking anything. Regular tooth brushing, saline soaks and/or using H2Ocean aftercare products, and washing your hands will aid in proper healing. Do not, I repeat do not, clean the piercing or area around it with alcohol or peroxide unless specifically instructed to. This harms and kills the good natural bacteria that your body needs to heal. It is generally recommended to us gentle antibacterial soap with warm water. Eating cold things such as ice cream or sucking on crushed ice can also help to alleviate the pain and reduce the swelling of your new piercing.

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ice for aftercare comfort

Lip piercings can be a beautiful addition to your face. Depending on the placement and jewelry, they can be any style from punk rock to sophisticated. Different types of jewelry look good depending on your anatomy and the look you are trying to achieve. Lip piercings are now common practice in youth culture and more socially acceptable than a lot of other modern facial piercings. It is also a smart idea to give the piercing a try before you commit, faux piercings are now very popular because you can test the placement. It is also awesome to see people’s reaction to your new piercing. I know that I always get a thrill when someone compliments my new body modification. Any piercing you get should feel like it was always there. Each piercing is one step closer to completing your vision of how you want your body to evolve and transform. It’s liberating.

Are you looking into getting your lip pierced? Do you have additional questions? Do you have a lip piercing already? Please comment below with your own piercing stories; it’s important for people who are looking into getting one done to know what to expect. Every piercing experience and person is different, but the general idea is still the same.

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