Video: Interview – Nicole and Her Multiple Mods

Watch as we talk to our own Body Candy team member, Nicole, and she gives us an insider look at some amazing tattoo art, one inch stretched ear lobes, and the scoop behind her very first body piercing.

Nicole has been getting mods for a long time, and her impressive collection includes a monroe piercing, tragus piercing, pierced and stretched ear lobes, about a dozen colorful tattoos, and a few “discards,” like the first piercing she ever got as a teenager. Here we get her to spill some fun stories, talk about her own experiences with being pierced and inked, and show off some of her brilliant body art. We talk turkey about modification in the modern world, and find out which piercings Nicole likes the most, so don’t miss this full-on, one of a kind interview.

Love the look of Nicole’s amazing lobes? Steal her sweet and polished alternative style with some funky teardrop tunnels (and maybe even a little bling).

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Nicole has been pierced so many times, that she even has piercings she’s sent into retirement and no longer wears. Among those: piercings of both nostrils, a conch ear piercing, nape surface piercings, her medusa, navel piercings, and a surface piercing on her tummy.