Video: Jojo’s Lip Piercing – Up Close and Personal

Get ready to meet beautiful and fearless burlesque artist, Jojo, and watch as she gets a cool new addition to her flirty retro pinup style: a labret lip piercing. Jojo performs live on stage, as well as modeling for still photography, so she’s no stranger to being in front of the camera. Just check out some of the cute and hilarious faces she makes during this up close video of her sweet new piercing.

First the piercer cleanses the area to be pierced, and marks where the needle will enter the skin so that there’s no goof-ups in placement. Then, he opens Jojo’s kisser and puts a pair of special piercing clamps over her bottom lip. He moves the clamps back and forth a couple times, adjusting them, and makes certain that the mark he’s made is visible and centered.

Now he tells our sweet retro starlet to take a deep breath, and in goes the needle. Jojo barely flinches as her piercer loosens the clamps and pops a piece of cork onto the protruding piercing needle in her lip. Another deep breath, and the post of her new labret stud is pushed through, forcing the needle out the other side. Our pro uses a cue tip to clean around the jewelry, and affixes a body jewelry ball to the end.

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“That didn’t hurt at all,” our heroine exclaims, drifting to the mirror to get a closer look. And just like that, the lovely Jojo is beaming over her glorious new accessory.