Video: Glow in the Dark Body Jewelry – Party People Approved

The newest craze in the dance world is glow! Glow paint parties are ethereal and magical. When your body is painted and you’re dancing in a black light to heart-thumping electronica music it feels like you have been teleported to another planet. On this planet everything is futuristic, and all humans have been transformed into dance crazed glowing space aliens, with neon painted skin and intergalactic illuminated accessories.

out of this world glowing fashion

Glow in the dark and ultraviolet reactant jewelry, especially belly button rings, is huge in the rave and club kid scene, and now you can have that same electrifying jewelry for your very own. Like most things, glow in the dark body jewelry looks great in the light, but even better in the dark or in a black light. The BodyCandy Full Color Glow Collection is now available in belly button rings, industrial barbells, plugs, cheater plugs, captive rings, and earrings.

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glow in the dark belly button rings

The BodyCandy team was lucky enough to experience a large scale Glamour and Glow party first hand. There were hundreds of dancers, LED hula hoopers, and models at this event. The art, fashion, music, and body paint were like nothing you have ever seen before; it was simply breathtaking. Check out the exhilarating footage above and keep an eye out for some of our new jewelry in action. BodyCandy Glow in the Dark body jewelry is what’s hot for this Halloween season and beyond. Go glow or go home.