Video: Clavicle Dermal Project – AJ’s Microdermal Piercings

Grab a front row seat as the lovely AJ gets two dermal clavicle piercings. Watch for the needle insertions at about 0:19 and 0:39.

First the entire area is cleaned, and then a detailed set of markings is laid out to ensure that the two dermals will be well positioned in relation to both the tattoos, and eachother. After the locations have been viewed and agreed upon, a hollow piercing needle in lined up just right. The needle goes in at an angle, creating a pocket-like puncture in the skin, and a microdermal anchor is then inserted and moved into place. A simple gem is all that remains at the surface, perfectly framing Aj’s bone structure, and her ink. The same steps are repeated on the opposite side, and after a quick final touchup her clavicle dermals are ready to rock.

microdermal clavicle piercings being done

Clavicle piercings are definitely a modern development, but have grown widely in popularity in recent years thanks to their fun and interesting look. They’re a unisex piercing, and merge seamlessly with both masculine and feminine aesthetics, making them a beautiful addition to both healed ink and untouched skin. Since dermals can be placed in almost any location on the skin, a variety of jewelry options is readily available, from simple gem solitaires, to colorful complex shapes, and everything in between.

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clavicle microdermal project

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