Video: Colleen’s Second Belly Piercing – Up Close and Personal

Getting a new piercing is always exciting. Belly button piercings are amongst the most popular piercings currently; a beautiful new belly ring will add glamour and glitz to your look. Watch as Colleen, a tattooed and pierced pinup model/burlesque dancer, gets her navel pierced for the second time by the fabulous James at American Skin Art in Buffalo, NY. The money shot (needle insertion) is at approximately 0:31 seconds in the video.

pinup Colleen gets her belly pierced

After everything is properly checked and the placement is marked and set, James cleans and clamps the navel with forceps to prepare it for piercing. He then steadily inserts a 14g hollow piercing needle, followed by a surgical grade titanium curved barbell belly button ring. She barely even flinched, mentioning that it was way less painful than the tattoo she had just gotten. The piercing went very smooth and it really accents her already beautiful style.

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Most people find this piercing to be fairly painless if done properly by a professional piercer. Initial jewelry is most often a 14g curved barbell, but can be a BCR if your anatomy suits it. It’s important to have proper, non-dangle, high quality jewelry for your initial piercing jewelry, which should always be longer to accommodate the swelling. Full healing time is approximately 6-9 months with proper care and cleaning, and as always you should follow your piercer’s aftercare guidelines.

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