Trending Now: Mid Finger Rings

trendy mid finger rings

What’s the new thing of the moment? Well, besides galactic graphics, hyper-real kitten print, and Indian style septum jewelry, the next big trend could definitely be mid finger rings. These are the cute little rings, most often just bands or simple embellishments, that sit between the middle knuckle and the tip of the finger.

Though the middle finger and ring finger seem to be the most popular, these little beauties can be worn on any of your digits, and the more rings you’re wearing, the better things get. Mid finger pieces mixed in with both simple and ornate traditional rings, multi-finger rings, and even interesting thumb rings, are definitely the alternative fashion of the here and now. The general feel of this type of hand jewelry styling hints at a wanderlust, world-traveler kind of vibe, and looks great with finger ink or temporary henna designs.

upper finger hand jewelry

For simplified styling that moves seamlessly from day to night, work to play, stay within the same family of shades (either warm or cool), and limit really lavish or oversized items to a single statement piece per hand. Other than that, rock it out to your heart’s content. Mid finger rings are just one more thing that’s making alternative Spring fashion fun!

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