Weekly Fashion Update: Super Fall Preview – Couture Beauty

Deep, saturated lip colors ranged from crimson to plum, violet, and glossy fuchsia, while smoky charcoal and exaggerated cat eyes smudged a double dose of drama over lids and lash lines to finish the look.

Black Titanium Jewelry1

Body Jewelry Hint: To accompany this glamorous, gently gothic make-up styling for Fall, the freshest emerging trend is simple black with a hint of shine, like black titanium.

Voluminous, ethereal hair softened the statement make-up look, with feather headpieces, plenty of back-combing, and a dose of glitter.

As a contrast to the stark, glamazon styling, another prominently featured beauty trend was the youthful fairytale handmaiden look. Glowing, dewy skin swept with ultra-feminine pinks and nudes set the tone, while subtle hints of shine gave a fresh, just-in-from-outdoors feel. Highlighter and sweet rosy blush provided the illusion of a natural, youthful flush.

Delicate, gently disheveled hair was the signature completion of this look, with loose braid-work and soft hanging tendrils. Romantic up-dos and winding floral headbands and hair combs provided the perfect addition.

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Body Jewelry Hint: Small, gently luminous gem solitaires in clear, aurora, or soft pink are the perfect completion to a youthful, feminine look.

Designers that strayed from high-glamour or soft feminine styles opted for a modern, futuristic look. Peaches and corals paired perfectly with the smoky eye and rounded sequins to create a style that had a touch of sci-fi without being drastic.

Hair followed suit, with chic ribbon-wrapped styles and polished up-dos displaying sleek forward volume.

Nails saw a return to deep shades and natural hues, with greens and midnight tones of blue, black, and violet forming the basis of most looks. Primarily short, manicured fingernails were seen in solid washes of matte color, or amped up with a little shine.