The Photographic Dictionary of Modern Piercings: Facial Piercings

types of nose piercingtypes of nasal piercing

Austin Bar, Horizontal Nose Tip- a horizontal piercing through the tip of the nose.

Bridge, Erl, Earl- a surface piercing of the nose bridge (between the brows).

High Nostril- a nostril piercing performed higher on the nostril, closer to the bridge.

Low Nostril- a nostril piercing performed lower on the nostril, towards its edge.

Nasallang- a piercing through one nostril, then the nasal septum, and out the other nostril, worn as a single barbell through all three piercings.

Nostril- a standard piercing of either the right or left nostril, generally performed in an 18 or 20 gauge.

Rhino, Nose Tip, Vertical Nose Tip- a piercing performed vertically through the tip of the nose, often utilizing a small curved barbel l .

Septril- when a standard septum piercing has been stretched, and a second piercing made through the stretched flesh and emerging from the base of the nose.

Septum, bull ring- a piercing of the tissue just beneath the nasal septum, between the nostrils.

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Lips and Cheeks

piercings of the lips or cheekspiercings around the mouth

Ashley, Inverted Vertical Labret- a vertical piercing of the bottom lip performed from the inside to the center of the visible portion of the lip so that one end rests iside the lip and the other rests atop.

Dahlia, Joker- a piercing of the cheek performed just outside the corner of the lip, on either side or both sides.

Dimple, Cheek- a piercing of the cheek flesh inside the natural dimple or the area in which a dimple would naturally fall.

Jestrum, Vertical Filtrum- a piercing just above the bow of the upper lip, through an area called the filtrum, performed vertically.

Labret, Lip Piercing- any piercing of the bottom lip (usually in the center for single piercings).

Lowbret- a piercing performed lower underneath the bottom lip so as to rest at the top of the chin.

Medusa, Lip Bow, Filtrum- a standard piercing of the filtrum (just above the lip bow).

Monroe , Marilyn, Madonna, Crawford- a piercing to either side of the upper lip but not in the filtrum, in the area of beauty mark placement (between the nose and mouth).

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Vertical Labret- a piercing of the bottom lip performed vertically so that both ends of the jewelry are visible.

Eyes and Brows

piercings of the lids and brows

Anti-eyebrow, Crows Feet, Butterfly Kiss, Teardrop – a surface piercing of the skin next to or directly underneath the eye.

Eyebrow- a piercing through the flesh over the brow bone, where the natural eyebrow appears.

Eyelid, Lid, Eyelash- a piercing through the upper eyelid, often performed close to the lash line and worn with circular jewelry.

Horizontal Eyebrow- horizontally placed surface piercings directly above the natural eyebrow or brow bone.

Intraocular, Eye Surface, Corneal- a “piercing” or shaped implant positioned just beneath the cornea so as to appear visible in the white of the eye.