17 Things To Avoid When You Have A Fresh Tattoo

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Got a new tattoo etched on your body? Well, that’s great… Now it’s time to take good care of your newly etched tattoo and avoid certain things. Here are 17 things to avoid when you have a fresh tattoo:

1. Avoid Removing Your Bandage

First things first, many people, out of excitement, damage their fresh tattoo. Some people simply remove their bandage even before the said time, which is wrong. Follow your tattoo artist’s instructions and do as instructed. Usually, it is removed anywhere from 3 – 24 hours. Removing your bandage before time can expose it to irritants or infections. So, avoid doing it strictly.

2. Avoid Re-Applying Bandage

Once your bandage is taken off, do not re-apply it. Let your fresh tattoo breathe. It’s time to take care of it. Your tattoo artist must have asked you to moisturize it. Do as instructed.

3. Avoid Exposure to Direct Sunlight

No matter how important it is to go out, avoid going out during the day time, especially when, you have a new tattoo. Yes, at least for two weeks after you got your tattoo, you should avoid direct sun. The sun rays can damage your tattoo. Even if you cover your tattoo, the damaging UV rays can still soak through the material and affect your tattoo. Even after the healing time is over, you need to apply sunscreen lotion before going out of the house. The sun’s rays can even damage your old tattoo. Make sure you use a strong sunscreen with at least a 35 SPF. It will protect your body artwork from harmful UV rays and help maintain vivid colors.

4. Avoid Scratching

It is normal to have the feeling of itching in a new tattoo. However, you have to refrain from scratching, as it can affect your tattoo adversely, and you will end up having a distorted tattoo design. And trust, a distorted tattoo doesn’t look appealing at all.

5. Avoid Water and All Kinds of Water Games

Do not indulge in any water activity for at least two weeks after you get your tattoo. Of course, you can take showers, but make sure you don’t stay in water for more than 10 minutes during showers. Submersing your tattoo in water can pull the ink out, resulting in a faded tattoo. It is important to avoid swimming, whether it’s in a swimming pool, ocean, or hot tub. Swimming in hot tubs or pools can bleach out your tattoo’s color as pools tend to have chlorine water. While swimming in lakes and other water bodies can lead to infected tattoo, these water bodies are full of micro-organisms and germs that will attack an open wound. Again bathing in hot water can lead to fading in your tattoo and an infection.

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6. Avoid Picking, Peeling, and Rubbing

Scabbing and peeling of tattoo are normal; it is the time when you will feel like touching and picking it. Doing so will hinder the healing process and distort it like anything; problems like scarring, discoloration, infection are likely to occur. Also, do not rub your tattoo harshly. It will also affect it adversely. For cleaning your tattoo – use only a soft towel and paper towel or just pat it dry after contact with water.

7. Avoid Pulling Scabs

Know that tattoo healing is similar to wound healing; scabs develop while your tattoo is healing. However, you have to refrain from pulling off those scabs. Let the scabs fall off naturally. Scratching scabs from your tattoo during the healing process will simply lead to distorted tattoo colors. So, avoid pulling off scabs, let your tattoo heal naturally.

8. Avoid Shaving or Waxing

This is particularly subject to the placement of your new tattoo . If you have got your ink on an area where you would typically shave or wax, like legs, arms, under your arm, face, or neck, hold off until your tattoo fully healed.

Using a razor over your new tattoo is not a great idea. You will end up creating problems for your tattoo. It can even cause infection. That is why it is good to avoid using scraping over a fresh wound with a razor. You can start shaving again once the healing process is over.

9. Avoid Using Medicated Ointment

Using medicated products, such as Neosporin, Bacitracin, and petroleum-based products, may cause the body to react. You may end up getting rashes or red spots on the tattooed area, which is not wise. These medicated ointments are meant for a specific medical condition. They tend to create a very thick barrier between the skin and the atmosphere to prevent the wound from bacteria. In the process, it holds the moisture content within the injury while keeping oxygen at bay. And the thing is your tattoo should be able to breathe.

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Sometimes these medicated ointments have an adverse effect on tattoos. Moreover, petroleum-based products are not easy to remove from the skin; they also prevent skin from breathing, which may cause other problems. That is why it is recommended to avoid them entirely. Use only those products which your tattooist has recommended or are tattoo-friendly.

10. Avoid Touching Your Tattoo

Of course, you may be excited to touch your tattoo again and again, but that’s not right. You should avoid touching your tattoo at all costs. Also, let others not touch it. You would not want to have an infection or any other problem with your tattoo. For the health of the tattoo, it is crucial not to touch it. You never know when your hands are dirty or not clean. Touching your tattoo with uncleansed hands or otherwise also may cause your tattoo to react adversely. So, it is good to let your tattoo breathe and heal on its own.

Wash your hands thoroughly with a mild antimicrobial soap before applying lotion to your freshly inked skin, make sure. Also, make sure you use only natural, paraben-free, and unscented soap or hand wash.

11. Avoid Wearing Tight Fitting Clothes

Your tattoo needs to breathe! Wearing tight-fitting clothes can hinder the healing process. Tight garments tend to stick to the skin that impacts airflow, thereby promoting sweating, rubbing, and chafing. Wear loose-fitting clothes so that your tattoo can breathe easily. It is also vital to choose the right fabric to create no hindrance in the healing process.

12. Avoid Workouts

Initially, when your tattoo is fresh, it is recommended to avoid workouts. Workouts cause sweating, and sweating too much is not suitable for your new tattoo. Excessive sweating can expose your tattoo to bacteria. Heavy sweating activities such as cycling, running, sauna, gyms, hot yoga, etc. should be avoided altogether.

13. Avoid Excessive Smoking and Drinking

It is recommended to avoid drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol altogether after getting new ink, especially when you got a larger tattoo. Doing so will help you stay healthy and hydrated and keep your skin in the best condition.

However, some may find it really difficult to avoid smoking or drinking completely. In that case, you can use things in moderation wherever possible.

14. Avoid Over Treating Your Tattoo

Remember that balance is the key to have a healthy and beautiful tattoo. Over treating your tattoo can also cause problems for it. For instance, if you apply too much aftercare products or soap, it will adversely affect your tattoo. Over moisturization could cause infection. Sometimes people apply too much aftercare products believing that it will quicken the healing rate, which is absolutely bogus. You really need to be careful about your tattoo while you are treating it. Follow a proper routine and apply a thin layer of lotion at regular intervals, but there has to be a gap before putting on another layer.

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15. Avoid Partying and Eating Food High in Saturated Fats and Oils

You may be a party animal, but it is advised to keep away from parties and eating foods high in saturated fats and oils. As said earlier, your tattoo is nothing but a wound as it goes through a critical procedure. You need to take care of your health just the way you do when you are medically unwell. Avoid partying too long and too hard; eat healthy. All this will help you have a healthy and fresh tattoo!

16. Avoid Doing Nothing

Not treating your tattoo at all is equally damaging as over-treating it. As said earlier, there has to be a balance. You need to follow an aftercare routine so that the healing process is smooth. Not doing anything will cause damage to your tattoo. You may end up having scabs or dry skin over your tattoo area; all this distorts your tattoo greatly. You really have to be very careful about your freshly inked tattoo. Avoid doing anything that results in remorse and regret later. Even when your tattoo is healed, it is essential to take good care of your tattoo. The healthier your skin, the brighter your tattoo will be over time.

17. Avoid Using Harsh Product on Your Tattoo

Last but not least, never use harsh products on your skin; such a product can cause immense damage to your tattoo. It is better to invest in skin-friendly products, especially organic and chemical-free. And if by chance, your tattoo gets infected, do not take it lightly. Immediately consult your tattoo artist. If your tattoo artist is not able to help you with the right cure, visit your doctor. Also, let your skin where your tattoo lies breathe. Keep it clean all the time. And cover your tattoo while going out during the day time. Doing all this will ensure a healthy and fresh tattoo for a more extended period.

These are the 17 things to avoid when you have a fresh tattoo. Following these recommendations can help you promote the healing process and have a healthy and new tattoo always. Remember that discolored and faded tattoos don’t look good, so to avoid that, take very good care of your tattoo. You know, having a healthy and fresh tattoo adds to your confidence; you love to flaunt it, which is highly unlikely in the case of a discolored or faded tattoo. So, be gentle to your freshly inked tattoo, avoid doing anything that could cause damage to it!!