The Midas Touch: Golden Body Jewelry for Summer

Get the golden glow for summer you’ve always dreamed of. Gold jewelry is making a big comeback in trending styles and is perfect for completing that bohemian look.

Accessorize a bikini at the beach or add extra glimmer to an outfit, gold belly rings also make a great accent to a crop top.


Genuine 14kt yellow gold is a high quality alternative to standard jewelry and is a great gift for any jewelry connoisseur. All of our pieces featured here comes in many stones and styles!


One of the hottest current trends, septum clickers add exotic style and bring attention to the face. Add a golden glow to your complexion and goddess like adornments to your collection.


Adorn yourself as the ancient Egyptians would have thousands of years ago with gold plugs and tunnels.


Enhance your industrial piercing with gorgeous simple barbells and luxurious hanging designs. Switch up your look this summer and trade out that old silver barbell.

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