The Modern Modification Lifestyle: a Day in the Life of an Alternative Model

alt model Andi Lee

Alt model Andi Lee is definitely an up and comer, but her presence and demeanor would surprise more than a few. Measuring up at about five foot six, she weighs in at a noticeably slight 115, and that’s while rocking out in some oversized sweats and slip-ons. Polite, unassuming, and quietly composed, she’s not exactly what most of us think of when we hear the words “tattoo model.” But don’t let the shy and soft-spoken side fool you, because this girl is brimming with major personality, and behind the camera it all suddenly shakes loose.

Andi Lee takes a fashion punch

Our photo shoot was a whirlwind of classic pinup poses and edgy, youthful fun, and we even managed to sneak in a few questions in the interim.

BC: When did you get your first tattoo?

Andi Lee: When I was about 18 or 19. (She turns over her right wrist to reveal a replica of Mila Jovovich’s famous ancient ink from the popular film The Fifth Element.) I was supposed to get something on the inside of the other wrist too, but I didn’t have the money. (We both chuckle a little.)

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tons of awesome ink

BC: What piercings have you had?

Andi Lee: My tongue, nose, the upper lip (twice including currently), six different helix piercings…

Her lobes have also been pierced most of her life, and stretched for several years, now measuring in at a perfect half inch.

Andi Lee

BC: Why the six different cartilage piercings?

Andi Lee: I ended up losing ’em. They were done with a gun. (She gestures and makes a cute hole punching noise.) Every time!

That’s right boys and girls; there’s a reason that the Association of Professional Piercers does not recommend getting pierced with a piercing gun instead of a needle.

While we talk upcoming projects and interesting new ink, the tattoo on the inside of her bicep comes up. It’s a beautiful scrolling script that reads “coffee” in Arabic, a nod to a fondly remembered stay in Marrakech, Morocco a few years ago for (get this) volunteer work.

Andi Lee

We would ask what she’s been up to lately, but with three big photo shoots in the past ninety days, a new portfolio in the works, and an appearance in Every Time I Die’s upcoming music video, it’s a safe bet that the answer would probably be, “a lot.”

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