Quick Take: Summer Care for Body Mods

summer aftercare for body mods

We all know Summer is the season of mods. Tattoos, piercings, stretch mods, brandings; this is their season to breathe, and to be shown off. The warm weather also makes it the perfect time to get new piercings and ink, but the sun does provide a whole new set of obstacles. It doesn’t have to be difficult though, and a few simple tricks can keep skin happy and healthy until the days grow cold.

One of the worst dilemmas of the Summer is how to protect that new tattoo. Sunburn over freshly placed ink can be extremely painful and it can lead to longer healing, loss of color, or infection. But is it really safe to glop on tons of sunscreen while your tatt is still healing? According to most sources, sunscreen should be avoided until a tattoo is mostly healed, but different tattoo artists will have different opinions, so following the aftercare advice of your tattoo artist is the best way to go. If you do decide to go lotionless for a few days or even weeks, covering your tattoo with loose fitting clothing made of breathable material is great for protection. Once the tattoo is healed, most artists will recommend the use of sun block to prevent premature fading. Many companies that produce sunscreen even have sun protection products made especially for tattoo care.

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For new piercings, the sun may not be the worst of issues. There’s one culprit that can be much more concerning: swimming. Just as heavy creams and lotions, makeup, and drying alcohol should be kept out of a fresh piercing, so should potentially irritating pool products. Swimming in lakes or at beaches can sometimes be a no-no too; bacteria in the water have the potential to infect any open wound, including a piercing. Once a new piercing is beginning to heal, several on-the-go aftercare products can make the high-paced Summer social life a lot easier to maintain, such as specially formulated mouthwashes or sprays. These items work equally well for piercings that have already healed completely and require simple cleanings for upkeep.

on the go aftercare products

When all else fails, a return to your modification artist is perfectly acceptable no matter how many mods you have under your belt. Trust us, there’s very few questions about piercings or tattoos that they haven’t been asked. Besides, body art is meant to be shown off, and it makes a better masterpiece when it’s hot and healthy.

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