Quick Take: Top Three Tips for Buying Body Jewelry

tips to make buying easier

Buying new jewelry can be totally tricky, especially if it’s the very first time that you’re picking new items for a specific piercing. But if you follow these few simple tips, and go in armed with the right info, you can take the worry out of shopping for good.

1. Know the name of your piercing.

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but there’s tons of piercings out there that have multiple monikers or regional nicknames. Knowing all of the associated phrases, especially the “proper” or technical name, will definitely give you an edge. The tongue web piercing, for example, is also commonly referred to as an “under tongue piercing,” “Marley piercing,” or by it’s technical name, frenulum linguae piercing. Jewelry could be listed under any one, or many, depending on where you go.

the frenulum linguae or tongue web piercing

2. Know your dimensions.

The dimensions are all the relevant sizing measurements for the type of jewelry you wear. All items will require a gauge size (the girth of the item in millimeters), and then depending on shape, may also necessitate a length or diameter measurement. In order to get a piece that fits properly, you’ll want to know these numbers in advance, because almost all body jewelry comes in multiple sizes.

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body jewelry sizing dimensions

3. Know your materials.

For persons who have sensitive skin or allergies, buying new pieces can sometimes be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to. Knowing exactly what you’re allergic to is obviously a great start, but being aware of special materials that are hypoallergenic too will really put you ahead of the game. For mild skin allergies, sticking with .925 sterling silver or real 14kt gold might be enough, but there are also non-metallic biocompatible materials specifically designed to alleviate sensitivity concerns, like bioplast.

biocompatible bioplast body jewelry

Now you can consider yourself armed and ready. Have fun!