Quick Take: Stone Plugs – Metaphysical Meanings and Uses

wearing natural stone ear jewelry

If there’s someone in your life who’s a fan of alternative medicine, eco-friendly living, or the traditional neo-pagan arts, and that person has stretched ears, a nice pair of natural stone plugs is the perfect gift for any occasion. Which ones do you get though?

Once you know what each of the major stones means and/or is supposed to do, it’ll probably be a lot easier. Here we go:

polished gemstones

Agate: In general, agates are power stones with a very stable energy, and are used for protection, healing, and to bolster courage. Agate comes in many colors, and each of them has its own properties in the metaphysical realm.

Blue Lace Agate is good to use during meditation to protect, promote harmony, and purify the body’s energy.

Black Line Agate is purportedly especially effective in protection from evil, danger, and negativity, and is also used to purify the skin.

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Crazy Lace Agate is said to restore the vitality of the body’s energy flow and clear emotion turmoil.

Green Line Agate aids in the expansion of spiritual energy and revitalizes both humans and plants.

Purple Line Agate can be used during meditations concerning personal relationships and is also said to enhance intuition and improve the state of dreams.

Jade: This stone is used to balance the emotional energies and draw peace and prosperity into one’s life. Traditionally green, orange forms of jade are commonly believed to draw joy and abundance to those who wear them and also to aid in digestive difficulties.

beautiful jade plugs

Jasper: In all of its forms jasper is used to help build inner strength and loyalty and can also be employed to help those who are resistant to change transition in various facets of life.

Lapis: Sometimes called by its full name, lapis lazuli, this blue stone aids in communication and helps overcome depression in favor of mental focus and clarity. It is also believed to assist in healing disorders of the immune system.

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Moonstone: This stone restores emotional balance and bolsters feminine intuition. Often connected metaphysically to the “goddess” or sacred feminine energy, it is said to help relieve pain and nurture love.

Obsidian: As a naturally occurring volcanic glass, obsidian is the ultimate stone of protection, and is believed to foster honesty and help kick bad habits.

Rose Quartz: Simply put, this is the stone of love. Rose quartz is purported to not only help heal broken hearts when worn, but to also draw new love into the wearer’s life.

Tiger’s Eye: This stone restores harmony and balance to all facets of life and strengthens us from within. It’s also used to ward off nightmares and help heal broken bones.

brilliant tiger

Turquoise: Whether left it’s natural hued or dyed, turquoise has many properties. Enhancing creativity, protecting against negative energy, aiding in self discovery, and drawing wisdom are just a few of the things this stone is reputed to accomplish.

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So now it’s time to pick your favorite! Even if these natural beauties don’t quite live up to the hype, they’re definitely worth it for an eco-friendly fashion pay-off.