How to Wear a Jumpsuit — 6 Style Tips to Follow

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  • How to wear a jumpsuit – Styling tips for first timers & outfit ideas

    Jumpsuits are relatively new to the commercial fashion industry. When they first came out, I had no idea what to do with them, if there were going to be flattering for my body type, how to style them properly, how to make them work for different seasons and how to pick the right one. That’s basically why I decided to write this blog post about how to wear a jumpsuit, with a bunch of styling tips and outfit ideas and guide you through the process of which one is right for you.

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    I hope you find it useful and leave my blog feeling inspired to create looks with whatever jumpsuit you may have. I recommend this closet staple as a key piece of my Summer capsule wardrobe. If you don’t have one, that’s ok. Read the post and learn about how to wear a jumpsuit for many different occasions, plus all the other questions I’m answering and only get one if you feel like you will get the most out of it. I’m not here to promote one-time outfits.

    Ready? Let’s learn how to wear a jumpsuit!

    How to wear a jumpsuit

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    1. When to wear a jumpsuit
    2. Different styles of jumpsuits
    3. How many jumpsuits do you need?
    4. How to pick the right jumpsuit for you
    5. Negative aspects about jumpsuits
    6. How tall or short should I be to wear a jumpsuit
    7. How to wear a jumpsuit casually – Outfit ideas
    8. How to wear a black jumpsuit
    9. How to dress up a jumpsuit
    10. How to wear a jumpsuit all year round
      1. For Summer
      2. For Fall
      3. For Winter
      4. For Spring
      5. For the office
      6. For date night

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      When to wear a jumpsuit

      Jumpsuits are suitable for pretty much any occasion. It depends of what kind of jumpsuit you have obviously, you would’t wear a strapless one for the office LOL. It’s important to learn how to style a jumpsuit properly and how to accessorize it for different occasions and seasons. That’s exactly what you will learn today!

      If you pick the right kind of jumpsuit you can wear it for date night, for the office or to run errands on the weekends. They are as easy to style as a dress and I actually recommend you to treat them as a dress. A good jumpsuit can become your go-to piece when you don’t know what to wear if you learn all the things you can do with them and all the different ways you can style it!

      Different styles of jumpsuits

      There are many different styles of jumpsuits. I like most of them honestly, but not all of them are flattering on every body type and of course, not all of them are suitable for most occasions. Even though there are many different styles of jumpsuits, to stay true to my values of having a minimalist wardrobe, I’m only going to share with you the ones you can get the most out of.

      Here are the options I think you would be able to adapt to most occasions if you style them properly:

      For example; I had this jumpsuit 4 years ago and even though it’s beautiful and elegant, there were not many ways I could style it because of the sleeves.

      I basically only wore it twice and the only difference between both looks was a necklace. I couldn’t style it casually because the length only worked with high heels. I’m only sharing this to help you see that even though there are beautiful options out there, not all of them are going to be versatile. My goal with this blog is not only to help you maximize what’s already in your closet, but also to help you choose the right pieces.

      How to wear a jumpsuit 1

    11. How to wear a jumpsuit 2
    12. How many jumpsuits do you need?

      This is hard. I’m all about having a minimalistic wardrobe and capsule wardrobes for each season, so I’m going to say that if you really use them and get the most out of your jumpsuits, you only need 2. If you don’t think you will wear them that often, then just have one. Hopefully after reading this post you will learn how to style a jumpsuit in many different ways and you can decide if you need one or two.

      How to pick the right jumpsuit for you

      What type of jumpsuit you choose to have will depend on your style and body type. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself and my advice to each question:

      • Wide leg, straight or skinny? Wide legs can be super flattering on curvy body types like my own, but straight and skinny ones can be used with any shoes (because of the length). Plus, skinny ones get brownie points when using public restrooms (you’ll see why in the next question LOL).
      • Printed or solid? This depends on your taste of course. I have one of each; a black one and a striped one. Both are fine honestly, just keep in mind there’s so much more you can do with a solid one.
      • Dressy or casual? Up to your lifestyle, but really great if you can find a good middle. This way you can dress them up or down according to the occasion. I think most of the ones I suggested above, fall into this sweet middle spot.
      • Which fabric? This will depend on where you live and what you want to use it for. I love a good denim jumpsuit as well as just a plain cotton one. Keep the fabric in mind if you plan to wear it for the office.
      • Short or long? Technically, if they are short they are called rompers. Jumpsuits are only long. However, they can be capri length, ankle length or regular length. I personally don’t like capris because they make me look shorter, but I recommend ankle length or long. It just depends if you are wearing heels or flat shoes.
      • How about the sleeves? As you saw from the example above, I think plain sleeves or sleeveless are the only ways to go if you want to get the most out of it. Of course there are many beautiful options out there, but it’s better for your pocket and the planet to pick one or two that you can style in multiple ways for all seasons.

      One thing to keep in mind is to make sure they accentuate your waist. Sometimes they can be a little baggy and that’s not flattering for anyone. There are quite a few things to keep in mind, and that’s why I do recommend having 2 jumpsuits that are very different from each other.

      Negative aspects about jumpsuits

      This was a surprise to me and I learned it the hard way.

      Jumpsuits are not exactly comfortable when you need to use the restroom LOL. I also don’t like when they are wide legged, since you have to pull them down when you are using a public restroom and the hem touches the -sometimes- wet floor. We all know that’s not water!

      Obviously this is no reason not to get a jumpsuit. I have 2 and one of them is a wide legged one, so…. here’s what you need to remember:

      Roll it up (the hem) before you pull it down (the jumpsuit). You know what I’m saying? Just keep that in mind 😉

      How tall or short should I be to wear a jumpsuit

      I don’t think there’s a minimum or maximum height in order to wear a jumpsuit and look good. They can be flattering on any body type.

      If you are short, a solid color or vertical stripes would look better I think. It also depends on what shoes you wear with it. If you are tall, just keep in mind you most likely would have to shop for tall sizes since it won’t be hard for a jumpsuit to be short on you.

      Keep the length in mind when buying a jumpsuit and if you do need to have it fixed, you’ll have to take the length measurements with the shoes you’ll wear the most. This only applies to straight or wide leg jumpsuits. An advantage of the skinny ones is that you can wear it with any shoes, so keep that in mind!

      How to wear a jumpsuit casually – Jumpsuit outfit ideas

      So, this is my striped jumpsuit. I’ve had for 3 years or so and I still wouldn’t replace it. I think I made the right choice with the print and colors. I always pack it when I travel because it’s a really easy outfit to put together and it doesn’t take much space out of my suitcase.

      easy summer outfit ideas

      Another way to style it is to layer it like I did here. I know it’s not the best photo, but I still decided to share it to show you that you can also layer it with a button down shirt and do a front knot. In this case I added a denim jacket, but you definitely don’t have to.

      How to wear a jumpsuit with layers

      Another way I styled it for a different occasion, was with a denim jacket and sandals. It’s very simple and you can never go wrong by styling anything with a denim jacket:

      Also read: 70+ outfits with a jean jacket for every season

      jumpsuit styled with denim jacket and sandals

      How to wear a black jumpsuit – Black jumpsuit outfit ideas

      This is my black jumpsuit. It’s so good that I already packed it for my trip around the world. Poor thing has been inside a suitcase for the past 2 years! For those of you that don’t know, me and my husband are planning to travel the world. We were ready to leave in 2020 but then COVID happened and then I had some issues with my green card and Venezuelan passport, so we are living in Airbnb’s all over the US while we wait for things to align 🙂

      ANYWAYS…. having a black jumpsuit is the way to go in my opinion.

      How to wear a black jumpsuit for summer

      Keep in mind you can also throw a button down shirt over it (any color will work) or a blazer and wear it for the office. More on that below.

      Here’s another example of a beautiful black jumpsuit I had, but I couldn’t style in many different ways. It’s definitely beautiful, but there’s pretty much only one way to wear it and that’s not exactly useful.

      Lace jumpsuit Holiday look

      How to dress up a jumpsuit

      With the right shoes and accessories! This is true for any piece you want to dress up.This is why I recommend having a jumpsuit that you can dress up or down as you please.

      To dress up a jumpsuit, you have many options:

      • You can add a blazer or jacket and pumps
      • Add a statement necklace or earrings and sandals
      • Or something as simple as doing your hair and makeup

      How to style jumpsuits all year round (tips and tricks)

      I think this is the answer for a lot of the pieces you can wear all year round; wear layers! What kind of layers and accessories you wear will depend on what you have available, the occasion and of course, your personal style. Here are some tips and tricks on how to wear a jumpsuit for each season and a few occasions:

      Styling tips for Summer:

      The easiest way to wear a jumpsuit during Summer is not to add layers, just wear it as it is. However, to make it look different you have to learn how to play with accessories. If you are just running errands just wear it with flat sandals or sneakers. If you are going out, add a cool necklace or statement earrings and sandals. If you want to make it look cool add a hat and a denim jacket or even a belt.

      Styling tips for Fall:

      Layers! Pair it with a moto jacket. Wear it with booties. You can even throw a sweater over it and make your jumpsuit look like pants. Layer it with a flannel shirt and a puffer vest. And don’t forget your scarves!!

      Styling tips for Winter:

      I don’t think I remember wearing a jumpsuit for Winter. The ones I have don’t work that well when it’s really cold outside. However, if I had one I could wear for Winter, I would try to wear warm tights underneath and a sweater over it. Another way to make it look cool is to wear a long sleeve top underneath. Consider adding a beanie and booties too.

      Styling tips for Spring:

      Wear it with espadrilles and a denim jacket. Incorporate a lightweight floral scarf. Layer it with a button down shirt and tie it around your waist.

      Styling tips for the office:

      It’s super simple, add a blazer and heels or apply the button down shirt trick, or both! A lot of the styling tricks you apply for other seasons will work here too. Like adding a sweater or a top underneath.

      Styling tips for date night:

      Consider sexy heels or adding a lace bralette underneath. Add a bold lipstick and you are good to go! Trust me, it never fails!

      How to accessorize a jumpsuit

      It can be so fun to accessorize a jumpsuit, especially a solid colored one. You can have fun with statement earrings, a necklace, a hat, a belt, a scarf, a neck or head scarf, a headband and even your shoes can make a difference!

      In order to properly accessorize your jumpsuit keep these 2 things in mind:

      • Pick a maximum of 2 accessories. Don’t over do it!
      • Only one should be a statement piece

      how to wear a jumpsuit Pinterest pin

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      How to Wear a Jumpsuit — 6 Style Tips to Follow

      How to Wear a Jumpsuit — 6 Style Tips to Follow

      If there’s one article of clothing for ladies that makes dressing up easy, it’s a jumpsuit. But the fact that it’s easy to slip on and get going doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put that effort to look extra good in your jumpsuit. That’s what this style guide wants to help you do — show you how to wear a jumpsuit like a fashion-savvy lady.

      By reading this, you get to learn how to accessorise your jumpsuit. You’ll also see the right shoes to pair with your jumpsuits and how to identify the best jumpsuits for different occasions.

      Ready to dive in?

      Hold on a second. First, let’s see…

      What is a Jumpsuit?

      ladies w rocking different color jumpsuits

      A jumpsuit is a one-piece clothing that incorporates the look of pants and a top. Once you don a jumpsuit you don’t need to think of a top or bottom to go with it. Just grab on your accessories and get going.

      But before doing that, you need to know how to wear a jumpsuit.

      Casual and Formal Jumpsuits

      Not all jumpsuits are suitable for every event. Some are for casual occasions while some are for formal.

      But how do you recognize which is for which?

      lady rocking jumpsuit for a casual outing

      It’s simple.

      Casual jumpsuits are relaxed. They are made with lightweight fabrics. They may come with standout details and revealing necklines too. Furthermore, some casual jumpsuits have elasticated waistbands to give it a blouson effect.

      Formal jumpsuits and casual jumpsuits are must-have pieces for every wardrobe.

      They come through for you when it’s time for the office, dinner, red carpet, picnic, dates, and any gathering you want to turn up looking peng.

      Need something new and très chic?

      lady wearing jumpsuit for a formal occasion

      On the other hand, formal jumpsuits are usually tailored with minimalist details to suit the formal environment.

      How to Wear a Jumpsuit Like a Style Pro

      1. Choose the Right Fit

      lady wearing plain jumpsuit

      This is in fact the most important tip on how to wear a jumpsuit.

      It all begins with choosing the right fit. In other words, if your jumpsuit isn’t your size or doesn’t flatter your body, you won’t look good in it no matter how you style it.

      When shopping for a jumpsuit, you need to consider your own needs. Do you need the jumpsuit for a casual occasion or a formal event? Do you want long sleeves, short sleeves or a strapless one?

      lady wearing statement jumpsuit

      To get the perfect fit, go for styles that have a well-fitting waist and loose legs. They are more flattering.

      If you’re not tall, wear a jumpsuit with tapered or slim legs so you don’t look like your attire is about to swallow you. If you’re tall, go ahead and rock flared legs.

      2. Layer Your Jumpsuit

      lady wearing jumpsuit with a blazer

      Another way to style a jumpsuit is to layer it. Jean jackets, shirts, coats and blazers will do a great job here.

      Layering will help you feel comfortable if the sleeves aren’t long or the neckline is quite revealing. For formal occasions, wear a blazer and opt for a denim jacket for casual gatherings.

      elderly lady wearing jumpsuit with jacket

      If you don’t want to wear the jacket, then tie it around your waist or hang it on your shoulders. Tying the jacket around your waist will cinch your waist and give you an hourglass illusion.

      Furthermore, you can as well wear a shirt or plain tee right under your jumpsuit. This way, it acts like a dungaree and creates a beautiful look.

      3. Pair with the Right Shoes

      lady wearing blue jumpsuit with a hat

      Jumpsuits usually take the eye focus from your head to your toes. This is one reason you should wear good shoes.

      If your jumpsuit is wide-leg one, pair it with heels.

      lady wearing jumpsuit

      This is because the flared legs have a way or reducing your height to the eyes especially if you aren’t tall.

      But if you pair it with heels, your shoes will make you appear taller.

      Just make sure the hem of your jumpsuit shows the tip of your shoes.

      This doesn’t mean you can’t rock your jumpsuits with sandals, flip flops and other flats.

      4. Don’t Forget About Your Hair

      lady wearing pink jumpsuit

      Just as you match your hairdo with the neckline of your dress and vice versa, you should also make sure your jumpsuit and hairdo don’t clash each other.

      lady wearing stylish jumpsuit

      There are many hairstyles to choose from. You can wear any of the African braids, human hair weaves, ponytail, pixie cut, etc.

      Wear a coiffure that enhances your entire look.

      5. Don’t Forget Those Little Add-ons

      lady wearing jumpsuit on white shirt, hat and glasses

      Grab on your handbag or purse, earrings, bracelet, belt, wristwatch, sunglasses, hat, etc. You need to add more accents to your look.

      Your jewelry will add some sparkle to the equation. Depending on the style of your jumpsuit, go for jewelry that helps you stand out. They could have pendants or appear chunky. Just wear the jewelry that suits your style.

      lady wearing orange jumpsuit

      lady wearing white jumpsuit with gold belt

      You can also add a belt to cinch and define your waist especially if you have on a blouson jumpsuit. The colour of your belt should contrast your jumpsuit so it pops out well

      In addition, ensure your accessories enhance your outfit. Pick colours that complement one another and work with them.

      lady rocking mix print jumpsuit

      If your jumpsuit is multicoloured, you’ll have to tone down the colours of your accessories or work with the base colours of your jumpsuit.

      You can as well mix prints if you want.

      6. Just Starting Out? Wear Solid Colours

      lady donning a red jumpsuit

      lady wearing white jumpsuit

      If you don’t want to mix prints, wear a jumpsuit that has a solid colour. For a slimming effect, wear a black jumpsuit. To look hot, rock a red one. You can as well wear white or other solid bright colours.

      Jumpsuits are very stylish pieces. Jumpsuits are very stylish pieces. You can shop them at affordable prices as ready-to-wear from Ria Kosher.

      But if you don’t want them as ready-made apparels, go for the latest ankara jumpsuits.lady rocking sleeveless jumpsuit

    13. lady in a sexy jumpsuit
    14. lady wearing mixed print ankara jumpsuit
    15. lady wearing white jumpsuit
    16. lady rocking hot jumpsuit
    17. lady wearing brown jumpsuit with hat and glasses
    18. lady wearing black formal jumpsuit
    19. lady rocking ankara jumpsuit
    20. lady wearing jumpsuit made with lace material
    21. lady rocking black jumpsuit with headtie
    22. lady wearing green jumpsuit
    23. lady wearing black jumpsuit with statement sleeve
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