Who didn’t fall in love with Hugh Grant in Notting Hill and Love Actually? Not only is he charming, but he’s also super talented. He won both a Golden Globe and BAFTA award for his role of Charles in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

15 Sexy British Men Whose Hollywood Careers We’ll Always Admire

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If there’s one thing that the Brits have going for them, it’s that dreamy accent. They could say something as bland as “what’s your name,” and it can sound like the most magical words in the world. And while American actors like Brad Pitt and George Clooney certainly get our heart rates up as leading men, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the sizable number of sexy British men from across the pond who have taken our interest in the entertainment industry to new heights in recent years. From recent UK transplant Prince Harry to Colin Firth, Dominic West, Idris Elba, and beyond, there’s a good chance the men who you watch on TV and listen to on podcasts hail from the UK. And we’ve rounded up all our favorites making a splash in Hollywood below.

Rachel Shenton, Nicholas Ralph in 'All Creatures Great and Small'

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This year was an especially pertinent time to reflect on our favorite British men in our lives — Who else binged Bridgerton when it came out in 2020? And then one more time? Or recently rewatched old favorites like Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey and The Crown in one quarantine or another? No matter what you chose, there is probably a good chance you came across one of the dreamy British actors on our list. Whether it was the Bridgerton favorite Regé-Jean Page or Daniel Craig, AKA James Bond, there’s one thing we know for sure; There are quite a few English men who’ve had some pretty incredible careers and are also very easy on the eyes.

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Read on for the sexiest British men in Hollywood whose careers we seriously admire, because you deserve the inspiration — and the eye candy.

Prince Harry

SEPTEMBER 3rd 2021: Prince Harry The Duke of Sussex blames

We hope Harry doesn’t get angry with us for calling him a Hollywood star when it seems clearer every day that that’s where his career is heading. From his series with Oprah WinfreyThe Me You Can’t Seeto his Netflix contract and upcoming memoir, Harry is making California his home and entertainment his industry, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what he’ll do now that he’s broken free from his royal role.

Dan Stevens


Oh Dan Stevens, how could we ever forget his incredible performance on Downton Abbey as Matthew. We’re pretty much jealous of everyone who starred in the hit PBS show. Steven’s also played the Beast in the live-action movie of Beauty and the Beast and boy, did he look handsome doing it.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom poses for photographers upon arrival at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS benefit the during the 74th Cannes international film festival, Cap d'Antibes, southern France, Friday, July 16, 2021. (Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)

Okay, what isn’t there to be jealous about when it comes to Orlando Bloom? He’s married to the stunning and mega talented, Katy Perry. They welcomed their first child, Daisy Bloom, last year. He’s starred in two of the most popular movie franchises in history – Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. We can’t wait to see what’s next for the dreamy performer.

Colin Firth


Colin Firth is an actor who’s seriously been in a variety of things; from playing the awkwardly charming Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’ Diary, to portraying King George VI in The Kings Speech. He’s won a ton of awards for his acting skills, including both an Academy Award and Golden Globe.

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Tom Hiddleston


Tom Hiddleston is one dreamy Brit, I mean seriously, even Taylor Swift fell for him. He’s probably most known for his epic role as Loki in several Marvel films and television shows. Who wouldn’t want to play one of the biggest superhero villians?

Regé-Jean Page


A new addition to our list, Regé-Jean Page, swept the internet by storm with his drop-dead good looks, but also his amazing performace as Simon Basset in the viral hit-series Bridgerton. We have a feeling big things are coming for the talented actor…

Alex Pettyfer


Alex Pettyfer is one sexy man. I mean you have to be pretty darn attractive to play a stripper in Magic Mike. He’s also starred in some teen favorites like the sci-fi film, I am Number Four and Beastly, a modern take on Beauty and the Beast.

Hugh Grant


Who didn’t fall in love with Hugh Grant in Notting Hill and Love Actually? Not only is he charming, but he’s also super talented. He won both a Golden Globe and BAFTA award for his role of Charles in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Christian Bale

FILE - Christian Bale attends a premiere for

Christian Bale has a career we seriously admire. He starred as Batman in The Dark Night triology directed by Christopher Nolan. He’s also acted in some pretty big hits like The Big Short and American Psycho. He really is one talented (and sexy) English man.

Henry Cavill


If anyone looks like they walked out of a 1950’s catalog on our list, it’s Henry Cavill. It’s no wonder he played Superman in numerous DC films. Most recently, he starred in The Witcher, a Netflix series based on the popular video game of the same name. Overall, we’re excited to see what’s next in Cavill’s acting career.

Idris Elba


Idris Elba is one attractive man. Somehow he’s only 49-years-old and getting more handsom every year. Elba, like so many men on our list, has been a part of some awesome projects like the show Luther and many Marvel movies playing the role of Heimdall. Things don’t seem to be slowing down soon for Elba, and we couldn’t be happier to see that.

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Daniel Craig


Oh Daniel Craig, the James Bond we’ve known and loved for the past 15 years. His final portrayal of Bond is being released in October of this year. But don’t worry, that won’t be the last of Craig on the big screen. He’ll also be starring in the second installment of Knives Out.

Tom Hardy


First things first, how in the world is Tom Hardy so young and yet so accomplished? He’s starred in some pretty big films like Inception, The Dark Night Rises, and The Revenant just to name a few. To top it off, he’s also friends with Prince Harry. We cannot wait to see where Hardy goes next with his career, whatever it is, we have a feeling the acting will be stellar.

Robert Pattinson


Robert Pattinson is one dreamy Brit. Who else fell in love with him when he starred as vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight back in 2011? Well, that was just the start of his seriously impressive career. Pattinson recently acted in Christopher Nolan’s latest film Tenet and will be playing Batman in the new movie The Batman set to release later this year…let’s just say we’re seriously looking forward to seeing his dark, mysterious side on the big screen.

Henry Golding


Many people (including us) fell in love with Henry Golding when he starred as the dreamy Nick Young in Crazy Rich Asians. He’s been in a number of projects including A Simple Favor, which he starred in alongside Blake Lively. We seriously cannot wait to see what he’s in next…we’ve got a feeling this is just the beginning of Golding.