Jewelry Fashion Fix: Checked to Impress

checkered summer fashion

If there’s one thing that everybody thinks of during the Summer, it’s being outside in the bright, warm sunshine, and what better thing to do outdoors than eat? Picnics have seen a huge comeback in recent years, with special baskets, fun and easy finger food recipes, and alfresco dinnerware designs popping up all over the internet and in magazines. And what’s one of the coolest things about picnics? That sweet retro checkered blanket of course!

fun modern takes on checkered patterns

Cute retro checks and plaids are becoming a major style staple, not just for Summer, but all year round. Whether it’s monochrome, halftone, multicolored, or many layered, these sweet and simple patterns can go everywhere from vintage to ultra-modern. With so many variations on the checkered theme, there’s a perfect style out there for everyone.

checkered plaid or tartan styles

So if you’re headed to a Fourth of July barbecue, a summer birthday party, or a swinging soiree to dance away the hot nights, remember that the easiest way to be dressed to impress is being checked to impress. Just start with your favorite color, and go tartan fashion crazy. Well, maybe the “crazy” is optional.

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