Quick Take: Time to Break Out the Belly Chain

belly chain jewelry for Summer

Thanks to photo sharing sites, celebrities, and designers, the belly chain has really been making a comeback, but when you want to rock out with some chains on, how do you know which one to get? Once you know just one or two basics, it’s actually refreshingly easy.

First, you need to know that there are two basic types of belly chains out there: pierced, and non-pierced. Since belly chains for pierced bellies most often come with a belly ring attached as part of the item, they’ll look pretty silly if you accidentally grab one without having a belly piercing. Some “non-pierced” chains have big enough loops or links that they can transition by being hooked over a belly ring, but for the most part it’s best to stick with the style that’s made for you.

belly piercing chain jewelry

Next, you’ll want to pay careful attention to the length of the chain, in order to avoid getting one that’s too big or too small. Belly chains will always be labeled with their full length in either inches or centimeters, and most of the time you’ll also see the word “adjustable,” meaning that they have enough unembellished links that you can make them several inches smaller if you need. Women with very small waist measurements of about 26 inches or less should avoiding buying very long chains though, because the embellished portion may be long enough to prevent the chain from being hooked shut at the right point.

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chain jewelry for unpierced bellies

If you’re not sure what size you should get, just measure your waist where you want the chain to lay and add about an inch. Generally, belly chains are worn underneath the navel, anywhere from two to five inches below the waist. Since they are adjustable however, you can pretty much wear this type of jewelry anywhere on the midsection that you’d like.

There. Summer jewelry shopping: officially in the bag.