Interview: Firsthand Look – Gauged Ear piercings

We had another amazing interview this week, with Body Candy staff member and blog contributor Morgan S. Here’s what he had to say about the process of stretching his cool ear lobe piercings:

Body Candy: Hey guys! I’m Kelsey, here at Body Candy dot com, and today we have Morgan here with us, and he’s actually one of our team members here at Body Candy. How are you doing?

Morgan: Pretty good.

Body Candy: Good. So we’re gonna talk about what piercings he has today, and a few questions for him. What piercing do you have?

Morgan: Um, well, I’ve got both of ears gauged right now. (He gestures to both lobes.) I’ve got em both stretched to a half inch piercing so.

Body Candy: What do you like about them?

Morgan: Um, I’ve always liked having that extra little bit of…it’s not just a normal piercing but it’s got that extra little bit of flare that I can kinda mess around with and have my own style.

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Body Candy: Cool. When did you get them pierced?

Morgan: I got both of them done, just about right when I turned eighteen. Uh, being in New York obviously that was right when I could.

Body Candy: Do you have any good stories about them?

Morgan: Uh, one of my favorites: I always love the way little kids react to piercings, and tattoos and gauges, and things like that. And uh, I was at a water park once, and I had a little kid that just immediately walked up to me and saw me and just, “Mom, mom! That man has holes in his ears! Is he okay?!” (At this point, both parties giggle a little.) And thought uh, legitimately thought I was hurt or that there was something wrong but, it was the most adorable thing.

Body Candy: Aw, that’s cute. Uh, does your work allow you to wear your piercings? Anywhere you’ve worked since you were eighteen?

Morgan: Yeah I’ve never really had…I’ve never really had any real issues with them. Uh I do musical theatre and I’ve done acting before, so I’ve had to use some of the flesh tone plugs a couple of times, being up on stage to blend in with the make-up, but, beyond that I’ve never had any issues.

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Body Candy: What material do you like best?

Morgan: Um, I’m very adamant for wood.

Body Candy: How come?

Morgan: Um, I just recently got up to the point of about zero gauge and I started using wood plugs. With acrylics and metals you get a lot of weird (he lifts his hands trying to find the right word) …issues. The body isn’t really used to that sort of material.

Body Candy: Right.

Morgan: With nice wood plugs, with bone, you get really good fits, keeps your ears really healthy and, it just feels really good.

Body Candy: Yeah, that’s cool. And do you like…are planning on getting any more? Any other piercings?

Morgan: Absolutely! In the next couple weeks, um, I’m gearing up to get my industrial done so…

Body Candy: Nice.

Morgan: Definitely excited for that one.

Body Candy: Alright. Do you have any advice for people who might wanna stretch or gauge their ears?

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Morgan: Absolutely. Um, if you’re stretching or gauging, anything like that, take it slow, read up on it, and know what you’re doing.

Body Candy: Right.

Morgan: I’ve definitely made that mistake a few times along the road where it’s just, “Oh, I wanna be the next size bigger, shove it in like-” (he uses his hands to mimic forcing a large gauge plug into an ear piercing, and a little giggle starts again)

Body Candy: yeah, I think a lot of people do that.

Morgan: It’s not a good call. Take your time, read up, know what you’re doing.

Body Candy: Alright. Well, thanks for coming in, Morgan.

Morgan: Absolutely, happy to.

And that was the end of another great talk with one our pierced personalities.

To get Morgan’s look: Morgan wears primarily organic plugs and tunnels, like the black wooden ones he has in for our interview.