International House of Hippie: East Meets West Style Splash

So we’ve already talked about how the nineties are coming back in terms of updated kidult streetwear style super reminiscent of circa 95 hip hop. But the more feminine and multi-cultural side of 90s retro fashion is on the rise too, and the modern additions to the boho hippie look give a dose of living color.

Whereas piercings were far less common to 1990s east meets west styling, in 2012 they’ve become a huge part of what makes it believable and translatable, with nose piercings of all types, monroes and labrets, and third eye (vertical bridge) piercings making a major impact. Bindis and traditional Indian headdresses make the perfect match-up to strategically minimal facial piercing jewelry, and our friend the statement earring plays a recurring role.

The headdress or forehead adornment in updated versions of this trend takes on a neat kind of DIY feel, with necklaces often being used instead of pieces actually made for the hair. A couple of bobby pins and a stack of eclectic semi-coordinated bangles, and you’re ready to go.

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And in keeping with the current flow towards all things bright, brilliant, and rainbowrific, splashes of pop coloring and rainbow detailing on the hair, nails, and eyelids incorporates flawlessly. Très bohème.