Interview Series: Firsthand Look – Facial Piercings

It’s here! The latest video in the BodyCandy interview series. This time we have an exciting and fun filled interview with pretty piercee and Body Candy client, Tiffany. Check out the interesting piercing stories she had up her sleeve.

BodyCandy: Hi, guys. I’m Kelsey, her at Body Candy dot com. Today we have Tiffany with us, and we’re gonna talk about her piercings. How are you?

Tiffany: Good. How are you?

BodyCandy: Good. So what piercings do you have?

Tiffany: I have both my nostrils, I have my septum, my Monroe, both sides of my lip pierced…I have my cartilages, my ears are gauged, my nipples, and my belly button, and my tongue.

BodyCandy: Alright, that’s quite a mouthful. (Giggles) Alright, so, tell me about them. When did you get these? How old were you?

Tiffany: Um…honestly like ranged from the age…

BodyCandy: The first one?

BodyCandy: Seventeen was your first one.

Tiffany: Going til about, maybe 20, I stopped.

Tiffany: First one I got, I was seventeen, went to Canada, because you can’t get a piercing til your eighteen. Wasn’t supposed to get one. So, one night, went to Canada, still in school. Uh, came home, tried to hide it from my mom, put tissues up my nose to hide it. I got the middle of my lip pierced, I went up to my car, hid my face in the side of my arm.

BodyCandy: Tried to hide it?

Tiffany: Yep it worked for about three days and-

BodyCandy: -Finally got caught?

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Tiffany: Yep. I had braces at the time and I had to go to the orthodontist, so, uh, we went there. Hid it the whole time, and finally when we got in the office I let my mom see it cause of course she couldn’t yell at me in front of everybody, so.

BodyCandy: Nice. Alright, well what do you like about your piercings?

Tiffany: Um, I like the way they make me feel. I like the way they make me look. When I take ’em out to clean ’em, or if I go to a doctor’s appointment, I just, it doesn’t look like me when I happen to not have ’em in.

BodyCandy: Alright. Well how often do you clean them?

Tiffany: It’s very important to clean them often, even if you don’t change them. Clean them at least, uh every two weeks to a month, if you could.

BodyCandy: Alright. Do you have any favorite stories about your piercings?

Tiffany: Um, when I was seventeen, also, when I got my Monroe done I got that done in a kitchen, at my friend’s house, by her uncle, who just got out of prison, named BooBoo.

BodyCandy: Oh, BooBoo!?

Tiffany: Yeah probably, it probably wasn’t a good idea, but it was a free piercing, and he pierced it crooked. It’s now pierced upwards, and I have to kinda maneuver it in.

BodyCandy: That’s not good.

Tiffany: Yeah. Um, I got my nipples pierced, went with a couple of my girlfriends, cause they were interested in it. And um, a couple of them had to leave the room cause they were nauseous, and another girl who was holding my hand was squeezing tighter than I was. And um, it wasn’t…honestly it wasn’t that painful, and uh, at the end the guy asked me if he could take a picture, and I didn’t think about it and I said sure. And now that picture’s probably floating around somewhere.

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BodyCandy: Alright. That’s probably not good. (Giggling again.) Alright, well uh, which one hurt the most, do ya think?

Tiffany: Uh…my belly button.

BodyCandy: Really? That’s weird.

BodyCandy: You’d think something else would.

BodyCandy: How come?

Tiffany: Uh, well, I got one of my nostrils pierced, and it was buy one get one free, just pay for the jewelry, and he went to do my belly button and it went in the first time, and he didn’t say anything, took it out, and re-pierced it again. And it kinda-

BodyCandy: -Not supposed to do that?

Tiffany: No. And it bled and I-

BodyCandy: -So that’s probably the reason why that one hurt the most.

Tiffany: Yeah. It didn’t heal very well. It took a while to heal.

BodyCandy: How about your other ones? Any of them hurt more than the others?

Tiffany: Not really. The, your septum sounds like you’re like stepping on a Dorito when you get it pierced though.

Tiffany: Yeah, they really weren’t too bad.

BodyCandy: And how bout your ears? What size are you right now?

Tiffany: Um, they’re a zero.

BodyCandy: And, are you going any bigger?

Tiffany: Probably just maybe to a double zero. I’m not really sure what I wanna do yet. I usually just buy like, every couple earrings, and I tape em off with electrical tape, so I don’t have to keep buying earrings.

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BodyCandy: They’re expensive?

Tiffany: Not that they’re expensive, it’s that I gauged my ears when I was kid, and now that I’m doing it again I’m like ripping through the scar tissue, so.

BodyCandy: You gotta make sure you do that the right way.

BodyCandy: Alright, well do you have any advice for someone who may wanna get any of these piercings?

Tiffany: If you wanna get pierced make sure you go somewhere that’s very clean, everything’s sanitized, they know what they’re doing. Um, make sure that you maybe know a friend that’s gone through them and they know that they’re gonna do a good job.

BodyCandy: Do you change them often?

Tiffany: Yeah I have to change them, keep them updated. I like to.

BodyCandy: So how many do you have in total?

Tiffany: Umm…(she spends a moment counting silently), fourteen.

BodyCandy: Fourteen? And do you plan on getting any more?

Tiffany: Uh, maybe. I don’t know. I thought about getting my cheeks pierced, but, again, I’m a little worried about the scars. This one, the lip, is not too bad with the scars. Like my scars isn’t too bad in the middle, but…

BodyCandy: Yeah. You can’t tell that you had that.

Tiffany: But, I’m a little worried about if I got my cheeks pierced.

BodyCandy: Alright. Well thanks for coming out with us today Tiffany.