Interview: Firsthand Look – Eyebrow, Tongue, and Helix Piercings

We had an amazing interview with one of our favorite pierced staff members here at Body Candy, Miss Janna W. We started off by introducing her to the camera for our friends at home, and here’s what she had to say:

Body Candy: How are you?

Janna: I’m doing good. How are you?

Body Candy: Good. So lets talk about what piercings you have.

Janna pointed out her lovely piercings for the camera, gesturing as she went:

Janna: I have two eyebrow rings on this side (she pointed to her left brow), I have helix on both sides (then gesturing to her upper ear) you can kinda see, and I have three earrings down the lobe on this side (pinching left ear lobe), and two down this side (and finishing off with the right ear lobe).

Body Candy: Nice. What do you like about your piercings?

Janna: Ah…especially the eyebrow rings. I like that they’re different. Most people don’t have two right next to each other. Ha, I guess more people do now, but I’ve had em for a long time and, uh, I don’t know…they kind of balance my face out. I like the way they look.

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I feel weird without em.

Body Candy: When did you get them? How old were you?

Janna: I was eighteen. I’d always wanted em, since seventh grade. For some strange reason I just decided then that I wanted to have two, and I got em done six weeks apart, cause they can’t do em both at the same time.

Body Candy: Right. Do you have a favorite story about any of your piercings?

Janna: Well, I guess, the first one: I got both helix piercings and two lobe piercings done in the same day when I was about fifteen, and that same night my friends had a camp-out. So I slept in a tent, with no pillow, and it was not a great idea. So, yeah, if you’re gonna get helix piercings, do one side, and wait til it heals, and then get the other, so you can actually go to sleep for a while! (giggling)

Body Candy: So, the healing time on those takes a little bit?

Janna: Yeah. With the helix, all the cartilage piercings tend to take quite a while before they’re really healed and they don’t hurt at all. I mean sometimes depending on…

Body Candy: What about your eyebrow rings?

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Janna: Uh, eyebrow rings, they take, a month, you know, six weeks or something like that before you can change em out. But they always do best when you don’t touch em and leave em alone.

Body Candy: Any other stories?

Janna: Well, when I was sixteen I got my tongue pierced, and uh, I was trying to hide it from my mom, like most teenagers would probably do. And we were out prom dress shopping, and I was wearing this really expensive dress, and when you have a tongue ring, it’s really difficult to not play with it a lot, and she saw it. And she was really mad and she’s like, “take the dress off! We’re going home!” And uh, she wanted me to take it out, and I didn’t take it out. I convinced her that it was better to keep it in, which it was. And uh, I kept it in until I was nineteen, and then I took it out for a job that I had…

Body Candy: They didn’t allow you to have it?

Janna: No, but, it was fun while it lasted. (giggling a little)

Body Candy: So do you have any advice for someone that wants to get a tongue, or eyebrow, or helix piercing?

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Janna: Um, definitely wait until you’re old enough to get it yourself, when it’s your decision, cause a lot changes between, you know, when you’re, twelve or thirteen, and when you’re actually old enough to get it done yourself. Um, and just think a lot about it. Make sure that it’s something that you really want, and that you like the way it looks. You can take a picture of yourself and draw the piercing on it-

Body Candy: -That’s a good idea-

Janna: -or you can get some of the faux jewelry like a faux nose ring or a lip ring, and just try it on and see if you like the way it looks. See if you like the way it feels, having something, you know, attached to your face.

Body Candy: Right.

Janna. Play with it alot and whatever.

Body Candy: Alright, well, thanks for coming in today.

Janna: No problem. I come everyday. It’s work!

Then we laughed together for a brief moment, and that was that.

To get Janna’s look: Janna wears segment rings, ball captive rings, and closure rings, like the ones below.