The Modern Modification Lifestyle: Long Hair, Don’t Care

the magic of the man bun

Every now and then there are certain cultural changes which come forth as a specific generation blossoms from the “influenced” to “those who influence.” As time moves on, social stigmas change from something which could be frowned upon, or made fun of, into something which represents individuality, or creativity.

If you asked 100 people 20 years ago if they had a tattoo, how many do you think would say yes? What about today?

If you asked 100 people 10 years ago if it was okay for a man to have a full beard and walk into a job interview, how many would say yes? What about today?

If you asked 100 people 3 years ago if “saggy beanies” were cool, how many would say “beanies are for hipsters?”

Without reaching redundancy, its clear that, fashion, social stigmas, trends, etc. all change over time, so let’s take a moment to pay homage to one of the latest trends that’ll bring good vibes to both the bros and the ladies.

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Ok, last one.. If you asked 100 people last winter if it was “cool” for a dude to have shoulder length hair, you’d probably get mostly “No’s,” some Fabio jokes, and maybe a few “Thor’s hot” responses. As this winter approaches, a certain men’s hair “style” is popping up and turning heads in a world typically filled with fresh men’s hair “cuts”.

The man bun is a perplexing totem of identity which has created a certain mindset of lifestyle, often coupled with the presence of tattoos and/or a proper beard. To be honest, a man bun without a proper beard and/or tattoos is not a true man bun. But that’s just it. Without time, patience, and a certain transformation which occurs during the stages of the man bun’s inception and creation, the man bun has no identity. It’s during these times that one must create the backbone of “manbunhood” to withstand the darting looks, sneaky smiles, and under the breath comments which could destroy a blossoming man bun, leaving it to wither away and be swept from under a barber’s chair.

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making the man bun style work

Sure, not everyone will choose to go down the path of righteousness and don this millennial mullet, but one can be sure that looking forward, there will be a devoted following of both men and women who will have a certain infatuation with those who have the courage and strength to balance this mysterious tightrope of interpretation. Whether they think you’re a lazy, unkempt, a feminine bro with an addiction to vanity, or a chiseled model, the boys with the buns and beards are coming, whether “they” like it or not.