Solstice Sirens: Bohemian Summer Piercing Fashion and Tattoo Art

floral bohemian solstice fashion

Summer is about being burning hot and frolicking free in the great outdoors. On June 21 st the Summer Solstice is commemorated with many different events and symbols. The peak of the sun’s journey is celebrated by many cultures, especially amongst Pagans and Wiccans. Midsummer marks the beginning of easy days ahead, late sunsets, revelry, and dance. Let out your inner goddess and celebrate long, sun-kissed days wearing beautiful pagan symbol jewelry.

Some of these symbols are taken from old Egyptian times. Pentacles (5 point star represents elements and self), crescent moons, representation of the Goddess or Green Man, Celtic knots (ward off evil spirits), Egyptian symbols such as the ankh (eternal life/fertility) or eye of Horus or Ra, totem animals, and more are common tattoos that are Pagan inspired. Jewelry representing the elements, butterflies, spirals, the Wheel of the Year (the sun’s annual death and rebirth), the Circle of Life, labyrinths, and fairies are common Celtic symbols of summer. Amulets, talismans, or any body ornamentation containing these symbols are said to provide you with protection and fruitfulness.

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traditional Midsummer fashion

Tattoos are an even more permanent way to don sacred symbols. Pagan and Celtic symbolism in tattoo art is very popular. The skin is a sacred vessel that is ever changing and evolving. Each modification reveals a new and more enlightened person. Symbols are tattooed on one’s body to represent faith and permanence. Piercings and tattoos themselves can be seen as spiritual events. Pain puts you in a physical and spiritual trance, and the shedding of blood is a symbol of your connection to life.

The elements are very important. Triangle jewelry represents earth, water, air, and fire depending on their orientation and lines.

Earth– Organic natural stone and wood plugs, bracelets, and earrings best represent this element. Stone plugs are incredibly popular and healthy for those with stretched lobes. Jewelry made of natural stone can also emanate healing and protecting powers. It is believed that everything growing is magical. In Scandinavia girls wear wreathes and collect flowers in the hopes that they will dream of their future love. Delicate floral themed belly rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces compliment the romantic feel of this tradition.

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sweet floral large gauge ear jewelry

Water– Anything that has a blue stone in it, representations of aquatic life, shells, or nautical jewelry. Water also signifies cleansing and rebirth.

Air– Feather earrings, belly rings, and hair pieces are light and airy. Air is free spirited.

Fire– Jewelry containing red or fire toned stones in a gold setting are perfect for representing fire. Lavish dangling belly rings, arm cuffs, bold earrings, elaborate sunburst tunnel plugs, and oversized rings that are all dripping in gold represent the hot, golden sun shining down on you.

Fire is the zenith of light and heat. In many cultures bonfires or the burning of wicker effigies (instead of human sacrifices) are done to ward off evil spirits and to guarantee prosperity. Burning Man is a festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Burning man is more than just a music festival; it is a hub for performance art, and radical self expression. The fashion of Burning Man is bohemian. It’s hot in the desert sun, so bikini tops with bare midriffs donning belly rings and tan, tattooed summer skin are prevalent.

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Pagan symbolism in tattoo art and jewelry is perfect for the Summer Solstice, to help maintain a calm and grounded lifestyle. Whether you are going to Burning Man or celebrating the Solstice other ways, feel good and let your inner earth goddess sparkle by stealing this bold bohemian style.