Which Belly Ring Style is Right for You?

Few piercings are quite as popular as the belly button piercing! It looks great on nearly every type of body, isn’t as anatomy dependent as many other piercings, and there’s a TON of great jewelry available for it! With so many options it can seem a bit overwhelming, so we are going to talk about all the various types of belly rings that are out there waiting to be discovered.

First, let’s mention size. A standard navel piercing is 14 gauge. Belly rings are usually 3/8” but they are available in longer sizes. So, if your anatomy requires more length, you still have tons of options. The most common belly ring is a basic curved barbell. They’re available in numerous styles – some have gem ends instead of ball ends and some feature dangling charms. You can also find them in a wide variety of finishes so if you’re strictly steel or all about rose gold tone, you’re sure to find the look you’re after. Another variation on the standard belly ring is the J-bar. This style is very similar to a curved barbell but with a more pronounced curve that gives it a shape similar to (You guessed it!) a capital letter “J”. This style may work a little better with your anatomy so give it a try!

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A top mount belly ring can be worn on both a top or bottom belly piercing. Instead of the charm being on the bottom, it’s on the top of the barbell. This is a style that looks fantastic on people with especially deep navels but will look lovely on any belly button. They’re also great for people who have their navel pierced on the bottom, who want to showcase the charm inside the navel itself. Then you have a double mount belly ring. These have charms on both ends of the barbell for a lovely matching effect. If the charms are simple or abstract, you can even flip the jewelry around and decide which you want to have as the top. Who doesn’t love having options?

A less commonly seen style is the spiral twister ring. As the name suggests, it’s a spiral barbell with charm or ball ends. Not only are they particularly eye-catching due to their spiral shape, they’re also very versatile! They can be worn in numerous larger-gauge cartilage piercings, so these are unlikely to wind up in a drawer if you change your jewelry. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit different from the norm, you should definitely check out a spiral twister ring!

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If you’re a mother-to-be, don’t think that you need to take out your jewelry for the next nine months! Pregnancy belly rings are exactly what you’re looking for. These are usually made from flexible material so they’re comfortable to wear. They can also be cut to size so you can get a custom fit for your baby bump. They’re even available with dangling charms so you don’t have to sacrifice style while you’re pregnant.

If you have a belly piercing, you have a ton of options when it comes to jewelry. While that’s great for your look, it can also be a little confusing if you’re not familiar with the terminology. Hopefully this little guide will give you a better idea of what to look for and maybe some new ideas for jewelry styles to try out! And no matter what style you decide to rock – Body Candy has you covered!