What to Wear to the Scariest Places in the United States

Taking a frighteningly cool vacation this year? We’ve got the goods on what to wear to the most creepy and haunted locales in the continental U.S., starting with Body Candy’s haunted hometown, Buffalo, New York.

Buffalo, NY

If you come to Western New York, don’t miss the Lily Dale Spiritualist Community, the haunted Central Terminal (investigated on an episode of popular Sci-Fi Channel series “Ghost Hunters”), or the ghostly and historic Iron Island Museum. With cemeteries that house sepulchers from the early 1800’s and some of the best gothic nightlife around, a stay in this city demands some seriously creepy accessories.

Philadelphia, PA

Ripe with an eerily preserved medical history and home to the legendary Mütter Museum (full of medical oddities and cadavers), the yearly Dracula’s Ball, and the infamously haunted Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia is a seriously creepy place to be. What to do with all that disconcerting anatomical history? Incorporate it into your wardrobe. Fitting in is the only thing that’ll protect you from the vampires.

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New Orleans, LA

New Orleans and the surrounding area is a place near and dear to my heart, and definitely one of the most frightening places on earth. From the birth of modern voodoo, to the historical plantation houses, the allure of the French Quarter, and even the oldest cemetery in the country, the dead mingle with the living here like nowhere else. To pay respect to the deceased (most of whom are buried above ground in walled catacombs) some skeletal duds are the way to go.

San Francisco, CA

Garnering quite a reputation for spiritual activity and good old fashioned scare, San Francisco is the home of at least three very well known haunts: the island of Alcatraz, the famous Queen Anne Hotel, and the cemetery that houses victims of the 1906 earthquake, rumored to include buildings having been built atop some of those graves. To pay homage to Alcatraz, chains, cuffs, and jailbird stripes are a funky way to accessorize.

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Atlanta, GA

During Sherman’s March, many were killed as the city of Atlanta burned, and thousands of those are buried in the Oakland Cemetery, some reputed to still walk its grounds. With proximity to the Georgia Guide Stones’ location and a host of pubs and clubs said to be frequented by creatures of the night, some supernaturally cool jewelry is a definite must.

Wherever you go this ghosting season, it’s never a bad idea to accessorize accordingly. Just remember to carry your garlic, wolfsbane, and your EMF meter along too, because this October spooky is the place to be.