What Makes Our Handcrafted Body Jewelry Exclusive to Body Candy?

If you’ve shopped with us before, you may have noticed some items say they are handcrafted or handmade in the title. That’s because Body Candy has a team of super talented jewelers making these pieces, exclusively for us! You won’t find them anywhere else because they’re made in-house. Many are created with Swarovski Crystals, too!

Handcrafted Nipple Rings

Each piece starts with a little bit of inspiration from our creative team. We share thoughts and ideas on a daily basis, which helps get the creative juices flowing for our designers. Once a concept comes together, they search far and wide for the parts to make it happen. We have thousands of gems, beads, metals, stones and more here at Body Candy HQ, but sometimes it needs a little something extra.

AJ, the head of our handcrafted department, makes sure that our inventory is up-to-date and that if there’s a part we don’t have, she can find it. Our partnership with Swarovski has enabled her to stay on top of recent trends, as well as forecast for the future.

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Handcrafted Belly Rings

One thing to keep in mind with our handcrafted jewelry is that they do sell out, FAST. In fact, most of our handcrafted selection is limited edition.

With the holidays fast approaching, we wanted to showcase a few of our favorites for gift ideas!

Holiday Handcrafted Jewelry

Of course, our team will be developing more new holiday styles as we get closer! To stay in the know, make sure you sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram.

I really enjoy reading all the info in the blogs!! Thankyou so much for the stories, and quizzes. I just posted the take a favorite metal qwiz on FB so my friends can take it too, and possibly place an order!! Have an awesome day!!

Jennifer L Jones on April 10, 2020

Hi Effie, We do sell 14k gold dermal tops – see the link below: https://www.bodycandy.com/products/14-gauge-4mm-clear-gem-14kt-solid-yellow-gold-dermal-top

ALLEY (BODY CANDY TEAM) on September 10, 2019

I am looking for a 14k gold dermal.
I would like to know if you carrie any style.
I am allergic to mostly metals.
Thank you!

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