What In The World is a Fishtail Nose Ring?!

No need to freak out! There’s a very simple explanation, one that might benefit those of you who have trouble getting nose rings to fit properly.

The purpose of a fishtail nose ring is to create a ring that can be custom fit for your nose. The 19mm bar itself obviously won’t fit as is, so you’ll take the nose ring into your piercer. A piercer will use a device to measure your nose, and then bend the metal bar to fit your nostril based on those measurements. The bar can be bent into a screw shape or an L-shape, depending on your preference.


Hi Deborah, We do not recommend putting a butterfly back on a fishtail nose ring. Fishtail nose rings should be customized by a piercing professional to custom-fit your nose. Take your fishtail ring to your local piercing professional – they will measure the ring, then your nose, and then bend it so it fits perfectly.

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