What are “Bites” in the piercing world?

You may have heard people referring to their “bites” or talking about “getting their bites done” and wondered exactly what they were talking about. Bites-type piercings are specific styles of grouped lip piercings, generally done with labret-style jewelry, often in 16- or 14-gauge. There are quite a few variations on this theme so today we’re going to take a quick look at these piercings and explain what each consists of.


Snake Bites

The most commonly referred to. They are a pair of piercings right at the very edge of the bottom lip. They are placed midway between the center of the lip and the outer corner. They are as high up against the lower lip as possible without actually going through it.


Angel Bites

Located in a similar position on the upper lip, midway between the philtrum and the corners of the mouth. However, they are higher up, away from the lip itself.

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Canine Bites

Similar to Angel Bites but also include a matching set at the lower lip, between the center and outer edge, lower and further away from the actual lip tissue than Snake Bites.


Cyber Bites

Matched on the upper and lower lip area but are centered. The top piercing is actually a philtrum piercing and the bottom is a standard labret piercing. If you already have a labret or philtrum (AKA: “Medusa”) piercing, this is an easy set to complete!


Dolphin Bites

Placed similarly to Snake Bites, right at the very edge of the bottom lip. However, these are a pair of piercings, placed at the center of the bottom lip instead of at the sides.


Spider Bites

Similar to Dolphin Bites but are placed at the side of the bottom lip instead of the center.


Shark Bites

a pair of Spider Bites, with Spider Bite piercings at both corners of the lower lip.


Dahlia Bites

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These are named after the infamous Black Dahlia murder of 1947. A pair of piercings are done, one at each corner of the mouth. These are considered a somewhat more advanced piercing as the healing process can be extensive and challenging for even the most experienced body piercing enthusiast.

If you love the look and want to try it out for yourself, remember a few things. These are both oral piercings and external piercings, so they require some extra care. Remember that oral hygiene is vital during healing, smoking is frowned upon, and don’t forget to clean care for the outer portion as well. Swelling is inevitable with these, so be prepared for that. And also make sure you go to an experienced piercer, as a bad angle or poorly placed piercing can lead to dental problems down the line. But if you’re looking for a lip piercing that’s a little different, or a more curated look, you may want to try taking a bite out of bites! Happy piercing!

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