What a Hoot: On Trend With Owl Jewelry

We fancy these nocturnal creatures because of their smart, sensitive and loyal characteristics, right? Big eyes, wood grain colored feathers; these birds of prey have been popping up all over. Why not put a bird on it?

Owl love this trend forever and again. With vintage inspired design pieces or a more modern twist to this magical bird of prey. Variations of this feathered friend can be found in all sorts of clothing items and accessories.

The fascination of Owls is nothing new, for decades the design of the wise one was depicted on retro dishes and even candles. Shows like The Brady Bunch or even The Jefferson’s had home accessories with an owl print on it.

Swoop into style with this fierce creature. Featuring an array of body jewelry and other divine pieces that will have you hooting all over town. These companions will make sure you get home safe when you are out for the night. BodyCandy is a wise choice for all your owling needs.

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