Welcome Movember: the Mustache Raises the Bar

Movember mustache growing for charity

It’s that time of year again; turning back the clocks, prepping for Thanksgiving, buying twenty pairs of hand woven gloves. But thankfully there’s something that’s actually cool about November (besides the weather!): mustache love.

That’s right. When the moustache meets November, it’s time for Movember, the best of the best in philanthropic fun. Rumored to have started in late 90s south Australia, this fab new way of fundraising is taking the whole world by storm. Essentially the idea is for a good looking Joe to spend the month growing an epic mustache, which spurs on the donations to a charity of choice.

growing charity moustaches

In recent years Movember has made a point of awareness for men’s health, rallying thousands to the cause for prostate cancer, but any deserving charity will do, and don’t think we ladies are left out of the loop. Women can be a part of the mustache madness too. Some great ways for gals to participate include offering free mustache grooming to friends and neighbors who grow, organizing and hosting end of month mustache contests, selling stache-centric stickers or baked goods, and wearing mustache themed clothes and accessories this month.

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fun mustache ear jewelry

So break out your barber’s tools, dust off your fundraising shoes, and get ready for the best Movember yet.