We Heart Body Mod, Piercing and Art: Viva la Vida Vampire

Here at BodyCandy, we heart Halloween in a humungous way, and vampires are one of our fave freaky staples. We love the vampire’s kiss surface piercing , but for those who don’t have the mod and want to be a vamp victim, it’s perfectly fine to pull a full-on fake out. And did we mention how much we heart vampire satire?

vampire bite body jewelry

Bats are great too, especially when they glow in the dark .

fun and vampy bat jewelry

And last but not least, we love bloody deadly sweets. These Halloween worthy cupcakes prove that sugar is poison, in a wonderfully dark and brilliant way.

deadly Halloween cupcakes

Looking for more gruesome goodness? Then check out our happenin Halloween board on Pinterest , and let the spirit move you.

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