Spheres of Influence: Modification Culture’s National Anthem

cultural influences on the resurgence of Americana

It’s no secret that Americana is making a comeback, particularly when it comes to alternative fashion. Deconstructed stars, antiqued flag print, and venerable hair concoctions in red, white and blue are just a few of the vehicles for the retro-homespun style resurgence. A far greater influence can yet be felt however, in the multimedia creations of the modified generation. Case in point: Lana Del Rey.

popular imagery of recording artist Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey (source:WGSN)

Many a pierced and tattooed hunk has hit the heights of fame via interactions with Miss Lana, including amazingly handsome tattooed model Bradley Soileau (whose ears are also stretched), and already rising star ASAP Rocky. Although the era of Americana is certainly bygone, hats off to Del Rey for creating a luxe and atmospheric retro fantasy world populated by rich young socialites who are bored, depressed, and bent on misbehaving. Her onscreen love affair with Rocky in the official music video for her aptly named tune “National Anthem,” is a modern and touching reimagining of the true life devotion between President JFK and his style-icon wife, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis.

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Although the patriotism-driven, white-picket-fence life may not always be laced with sunshine and daffodils, it’s these modernized raw and realistic visions of a faded era that truly inspire in today’s airbrushed world. Glamour, expensive cognac, and vintage undergarments aside, being somebody’s national anthem is a unique and perfect metaphor for finding true love wrought with the conviction and passion of a lifelong allegiance; something that all of us can certainly appreciate.